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How Old was Abe Lincoln When He was Shot

You may have similar questions as How Tall Was Abe Lincoln and How Old Was Abe Lincoln When He Was Killed,or you may also seek several useful information about How Much Did Abe Lincoln Weigh. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Abe Lincoln Interesting Facts,too. Read more as following:

Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head when he was 56 years old. The south was about to completely loose to the Unions stronger military and John Wilkes Booth thought that if he assassinated the president, he would revive the south.

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How Tall was Abe Lincoln?

President Abe Lincoln was the tallest of all the American Presidents, to date. At six feet four inches tall, he is followed by Lyndon B. Johnson, that tall Texan, at six feet three and one half inches tall. … More »

How Old was Abe Lincoln When He Died?

Abraham Lincoln was born Feb 12th 1809. Abe Lincoln died April 15th 1865 after being shot at the Ford theater by John Wilkes Boothe. Abe Lincoln was the 16th president of our country. He wrote famous documents like the declaration of independance and… More »

How much did Abe Lincoln weigh?

He weighed 180 pounds…. More »

Did abe lincoln own slaves?

Abraham Lincoln never owned slaves. He was personally against slavery. Thanks for asking!… More »

What political party was abe lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Republican party. Thanks for using ChaCha!… More »

Who shot Abe Lincoln?

Abe Lincoln lived Feb 12, 1809 to 04/15/1865, died at Ford’s Theatre & was shot by John Wilkes Booth…. More »

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  1. Rahmath says:

    will knock your socks off. John Wilkes Booth will be my side kick and Mary will dress up like a keno girl, The show will have everything, but if the audience can’t be civil there will be war.

  2. Wiji says:

    I need to memorize them in 2 days

  3. Sad says:

    1.) who was the commander of the union army
    2.) who was the general for the union army that was shot in the back of the head in the #1 battle
    who was the confederate cakvary general who did not arrive in gettysburg until after day 2

  4. Aikay says:


  5. Mark Anthony says:

    i had a summer reading assignment that i totally blew off. Can someone help me?! what is this book about like chapter by chapter… links to a website will work just please help thank you :)

  6. Shineeashley121 says:

    he shot abe yada yada,
    how did he get caught though?
    did he run?
    did they have evidence on him?
    just what happened after?

  7. Juliette says:

    To Kill Abraham Lincoln?
    John F. Kennedy?
    Robert Kennedy?
    Lee Harvey Oswald?

  8. Signilda says:

    Does any know a song or mnemonic to remember the order of the presidents (chronological) and the states (chronoligical or alphabetical)?

  9. Sourly says:

    My family and I are spending 5 days in Washington DC. We haven’t ever been to DC before and we don’t know what we should do! What are some must-sees (or Must-Dos) in DC?
    Please keep in mind we are only there for 5 days!

  10. Codystudios says:
  11. Kaylyn says:

    i need a biography of his life, but dont just give me a link. i need a relatively short summary of his entire life. (please) :)

  12. I Luv Horses says:

    let’s face it. he knows too much. perhaps a hunting incident with bob? its been done before. they shot jfk cos he knew about the illegal gun trafficking to iraq in preparation for the gulf war and how abe lincoln was killed to start the vietnam conflict. its all in there. its in the details.

  13. Stu says:

    Sure looks like it from the crowd shots
    Hahahaha The GOP is racist! Funny you didn’t call me sexist or ageist though LOL.

  14. Awkward And Sweet says:


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