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Can a girl ovulate after her period?

Ovulation usually occurs about 14 days before a woman’s period begins! Pregnancy is likely the 6 days before ovulation & the day! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lanora Reply:

    According to ("Kids Health"), "Ovulation can occur before the bleeding from a girl's period has stopped or it may occur within a few days after her Detail:

  2. Estell Reply:

    Ovulation can be wildly unpredictable so it’s possible to ovulate right after the end of the period but average is 14 days after.

  3. Etsuko Reply:

    Ovulating happens both before and after a girl has her period. More:

  4. Jennette Reply:

    Generally a woman ovulates 11-21 days after her period begins. However, this is an estimate and every woman’s body is different. Ovulation is a complicated cycle and should never be depended on to prevent pregnancy. More:

  5. Athena Reply:

    on day 14 of your cycle More:

  6. Agustina Reply:

    Does everyone ovulate once per month period and not ovulate? today is CD 14 and? Can you still have a my basal body tempature is getting lower, Does this make sense? Shouldnt

  7. Lida Reply:

    In general you do not ovulate during your period, and even if your body somehow accidentally released an egg during your period (which would be rare and unlikely because of how hormones coordinate the whole process) it would be unlikely to successfully implant because the lining was being shed!Typically when people have sex shortly after their period and conceive it is because the sperm can remain viable inside a woman for up to five days after sex! So if she ovulates at any period during those next five days she could conceive!The standard fertility cycle assumes that a woman ovulates 14 days after her period *begins* but I have had cycles where I ovulated 10 days after it begins! So it would look like this: Days1-5 have period, Day 6 have sex, Days 7-10 Sperm still hanging around, Day 10 ovulate! In that scenario you could get pregnant from having sex the day after your period!Dont be too confused! If you are trying to get pregnant you can try to look up natural means to track your ovulation cycles, you can purchase kits that will help test for when you are ovulating, or you can do it the old fashioned way and have sex every other day from the time your period ends until when it begins again! I happen to think #3 is the most fun way anyways :)

  8. Tasia Reply:

    on average a woman ovulated during the mid-point of her cycle. The middle between periods. If you have a regular cycle of 28 days you usually ovulate on day

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