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Can a pregnancy test say positive when you’re not pregnant?

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  1. Marissa Reply:

    When a woman undergoes IVF, she hopes that she will become pregnant and she It will simply say pregnant or not pregnant. In most cases, you will not get a positive pregnancy test at home before your scheduled test in the doctor's office . Detail:

  2. Lynsey Reply:

    If the test you’re using is only faintly positive, it may not be very sensitive. If you still have the box, it should say somewhere what the test’s sensitivity is; the lower

  3. Marty Reply:

    2 weeks at the earliest More:

  4. Velma Reply:

    Intuition is sometimes the first sign of pregnancy . Do you feel as if something is different? Very often mothers report just knowing immediately that they’re expecting. While there may not be an actual medical symptom involved, intuition i… More:

  5. Tommye Reply:

    The only way to do that would be to have a pregnant woman pee on it. Pregnancy tests rarely show false positives. More:'re-not

  6. Dannie Reply:

    I had 1 positive pregnancy test and 2 nagative test am i pregnant

  7. Ginette Reply:

    My period was late and I started getting sick! I had been nauseous for a few days and then on the day I tested, it was so bad I just wanted to die! I figured (or was hoping maybe??) that it was just the stomach flu that had been going around !!! but something just felt different and got my attention enough that I decided to take a test! I knew *something* was off, but there isnt anything I can point to exactly or qualify! This is my first pregnancy and I just knew Id never felt anything like that before!

  8. Roxie Reply:

    Doctors say home pregnancy tests are not at all reliable until 7-14 after conception. I had a BIG FAT POSITIVE on the morning my period was supposed to come. How long after sperm meets egg can you tell your pregnant by a test?

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