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Can you take aleve while pregnant?

You should not take Aleve during pregnancy unless specifically told to by your doctor! It can cause complications during delivery! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Apolonia Reply:

    Can I Take Tylenol With Codeine During Pregnancy? Tylenol with codeine, a Schedule III controlled substance, should be taken with extreme caution during Detail:

  2. Keira Reply:

    My wife has been advised by her OB-GYN that you should not take Aleve while pregnant. It has been linked to kidney development problems in the fetus and possibly miscarriages. Her OB-GYN provided her with an entire list of medicines that sh

  3. Jessika Reply:

    There is usually a lot of good advice and information available on what to do during pregnancy, but what not to do while pregnant can be a confusing and controversial thing to figure out. There is a great website that offers both the things… More:

  4. Grayce Reply:

    When you are pregnant, avoid foods that are high in fat and grease, as they may make you feel sick. Also, do not eat raw foods or undercooked meats. And limit your seafood intake, due to the mercury levels in some fish. More:

  5. Jaclyn Reply:

    You should expect moodiness, vomiting and tiredness during your pregnancy. However, after you deliver, you will realize that all of the sickness was worth it! More:

  6. Charlyn Reply:

    is it safe to take antibiotics I have a terrible toothache , tylonel or aleve if pregnant!! I have no med insu?

  7. Sherryl Reply:

    The pill should be enough! Doctors usually recommend condoms as an extra protection! You may want to use a condom for the first month, but because you are married you will probably be fine without a condom if your partner and you both have no conditions that could infect the other! The condoms are usually used to prevent the spread of any diseases too! Just be sure to take your birth control correctly and you should be fine!

  8. Lorita Reply:

    "can you take dextroamphetamine while pregnant?" It is contraindicated in pregnancy because it releases nor adrenaline. The drug c an cause dependance .

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