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Cramps, spotting, and I feel like I need to puke?

These symptoms do represent the early signs of pregnancy! At the beginning of pregnancy you may experience period like cramps, light spotting (due to implantation), and morning sickness! However, this can also signify your period is on its way! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Elisabeth Reply:

    Someone with a kidney stone will feel sharp cramps in the lower abdomen, back or side where the kidneys are The kidney stone may rip through tissues and cause bleeding. The kidney stone may have triggered an infection due to the block in urine flow and may cause bacteria to Flu Like Symptoms & Kidney Pain Detail:

  2. Shonda Reply:

    This month, it was 3 days late before it started and its just been spotting with severe lower i had slight cramping but alot of gas really 😳 embarrassing but i have . An latelyi have been feeling like i have to throw up n nuthing cums up. so

  3. Manuela Reply:

    The cramping should be lighter than you normal cramps. The bleeding should be very minimal, pink & brown colors. Normally, woman find it when wiping after a BM or urination. Sometimes, it does require a pantyliner (possibly pregnant woman s… More:

  4. Kiley Reply:

    To get rid of cramps: take ibuprofen, use a heating pad in lower abdomen, do some light exercise, drink plenty water & herbal tea. More:'t-work-and-you-feel-like-you're-going-to-puke

  5. Ami Reply:

    If you are a woman, sever cramps with vomiting can mean dysmenorrhea, It may also cause diarrhea, and/or a general aches & pains. More:'re-going-to-puke

  6. Micheal Reply:

    My last period was from Oct 7 -12. I was on birth control didn’t have the money to get until Oct 2nd because I more. On oct 14th me and my fiancee had sex, we used protection.

  7. Lawana Reply:

    It is possible you could be pregnant!!!or you could be starting your period! Wouldnt hurt to take a pregnancy test just to make sure!!!especially if youre taking your birth control pills now! You dont wanna be on the pill and pregnant!

  8. Karissa Reply:

    I have been feeling terrible for the last week. I've now started to get loose stools and cramping/gas-like pains, so I am wondering if this is . While on the pill, my periods have mainly been heavy spotting and occasionally with no fresh blood.

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