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Do you miss your period during the first month of pregnancy?

Your first sign of pregnancy may be a missed menstrual period! Another is morning sickness usually during the first 3 months! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Marlena Reply:

    A missed period can cause considerable concern for a woman, especially if she is not than pregnancy, but if a period does not return within two to three months , a After you first become pregnant, your mind is filled with so many questions, Detail:

  2. Lorena Reply:

    You might begin to suspect that you are pregnant within the first few days of pregnancy Most women do not suspect they are pregnant until they miss a period, and a few do not suspect or believe they are pregnant for months after conception

  3. Jamey Reply:

    Answer Stress can cause a missed period or so can PCOS, Hormonal Imbalance, Endometriosis, STD, ovary problems or not ovulating. See your doctor. More:

  4. Retta Reply:

    Your exercise routine has to be safe as well as effective. There is no dearth of fitness programmes for pregnant women at any level of fitness. Most of these fitness routines focus on aerobic exercises where there is a lot of emphasis on st… More:

  5. Johnie Reply:

    TV and magazines boast pregnancy tests that may be taken before you have even missed a menstrual period. You have probably wondered how these tests can possibly be accurate. If you are unsure as to when to take a pregnancy test, most doctor… More:

  6. Randi Reply:

    I have had unprotected sex with sun but it came out my husband cause we’re trying to conceive my period not been stressed and i always comes and i have also took a test last n

  7. Shizue Reply:

    I knew almost the day I had conceived that I was pregnant! I cant even tell you how I knew; it was just a feeling! I told my husband, and he thought that I was crazy at the time! I also have very irregular periods, so its not a big deal if I miss a month! He has a son from a previous marriage, but after several health issues hes had (such as testicular cancer), they said he probably would not be having any other children! I only took birth control for about 3 months back in 2007, and, although we were not actually trying to conceive, we werent trying to prevent it, either!Anyhow, I just had a feeling! My husband started down the list of symptoms! Are you tired?? Well, I work two jobs, so I cant really answer that! Are you sick to your stomach at all?? Just a little bit, but nothing too out of the ordinary! Swollen or tender breasts?? Nope! I really didnt have any major symptoms, but I was somehow sure that I was pregnant! We decided to wait it out a month, to see if my period would come by, or I would change my mind about my intuition! Well, a month came and passed, and I finally went out and bought a pregnancy test! Sure enough, I was pregnant! Went to the doctor, and I was 12 weeks along, just about the time when I first told him I thought I was pregnant!Sometimes you can trust your intuition, even if you dont really have any symptoms! Good luck and God Bless!

  8. Sharyl Reply:

    wrote the first answer to What can you not do when your pregnant 10 Feb removed the answer of Can the sperm still be in you if you have your period 2 Is it possible to be pregnant and have a period one month but miss the next month?

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