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Does your sides hurt when your pregnant?

Your sides can hurt when you are pregnant especially later in the pregnancy when the baby is moving around and kicking! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jane Reply:

    Why have my right side been hurting its so painful a little touch make me jump but I do have a few health problems

  2. Winnie Reply:

    Dec 21, 2011 Should you lie on your left side or your right side? Follow these pregnancy sleep tips and you may be able to get a Does your back hurt? Detail:

  3. Jennefer Reply:

    Your sides can hurt when you are pregnant especially later in the pregnancy when the baby is moving around and kicking.

  4. Serafina Reply:

    There could be several reasons you have right side pain, however to get the proper diagonise you will need to cantact your Doctor for treatment of your pain. More:

  5. Jeni Reply:

    Having pain only on the left side of the body should be dealt with by a professional doctor. You could have injury to the right side of the brain or a reaction to medication. You can find more information here:… More:

  6. Nikki Reply:

    Your side may hurt due to a pulled muscle, injury, illness or as a symptom to a number of diseases. If the pain is accompanied by a fever or vomiting, contact your doctor immediately. For more information see here: http://symptoms.wrongdiag… More:

  7. Louvenia Reply:

    10 weeks pregnant and ovaries still hurt on both sides? I am 10 weeks pregnant my ovaries have been hurting and since the beginning both. I figured it will stop but it keeps o

  8. Shoshana Reply:

    My breasts started hurting the week i was supposed to get my period! They hurt differently then they have ever hurt before! They did hurt on the sides, like when my arm would rub against them! I thought i had a lump or something because of the way they hurt! I had my husband check them every day because i was sure i had breast cancer! I was so scared until a week after i missed my period and then i took a test and it came up positive!

  9. Dorcas Reply:

    Your side hurts because you either twisted it or if you were danceing or something it's because it is a muscle that's not commonly used daily unless your a

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