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Does your stomach start hurting during the first month of pregnancy?

You may have some mild cramping around implantation! Otherwise, morning sickness may begin as early as 4 weeks! again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Reena Reply:

    The ligaments that support your uterus begin to stretch during pregnancy to This type of pain is most common in the second trimester, but can occur in the first Chronic back pain often occurs between the fifth and seventh month of pregnancy, Is it Normal to Have Pain in Your Lower Abdomen Early When Pregnant? Detail:

  2. Rosalie Reply:

    Mar 20, 2006 Your stomach can hurt from getting food poisoning, having the flu. when i was first pregnant, i had no symptoms at all untill about 2 months in. suppose to start my period the 20th and it is the 27. my stomach hurts and i get

  3. Melanie Reply:

    Within the first few weeks of pregnancy you can start to have back pain and nausea, along with swollen/tender breasts, fatigue. More:

  4. Debi Reply:

    3 More:

  5. Irmgard Reply:

    A pregnant woman’s stomach may hurt anytime. It may be harmless, but it could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, or preeclampsia. More:

  6. Nelida Reply:

    In which month during pregnancy does the stomach start protruding?

  7. Trista Reply:

    Yes, it is possible to have fake pregnancy symptoms if you are obsessing over pregnancy it causes you to over analyze every little thing! Honestly, from your amount of bleeding, I highly doubt you are pregnant! Either way, I think you should see a doctor because something else could be medically wrong!

  8. Saundra Reply:

    Where does your belly hurt during the first couple weeks of pregnancy? You are not actually pregnant the first 2 weeks and the symptoms starts later. the doctors, after an examination he told her she was either 4 months pregnant or having

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