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How can a girl tell if she’s pregnant?

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  1. Summer Reply:

    Is she trying to trick me to find out my reaction??? All good This can happen as early as 2 weeks. 4. Is she Will a Girl Get Pregnant If She Is on Her Period? Detail:

  2. Soon Reply:

    A girl can tell that she’s pregnant by taking a pregnancy test.

  3. Lucila Reply:

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  4. Edelmira Reply:

    To be accurate a test should be taken after the first missed period. Any sooner and it is likely to give a false reading. More:

  5. Armanda Reply:

    The best way for a woman to tell if she is pregnant is to take a home pregnancy test. Other signs to look for are missed period, fatigue, morning sickness, and sore or tender breasts. More:

  6. Diamond Reply:

    im 10 weeks pregnant with second child, another friend is pregnant too……….? announcing it to the whole! shes having a girl n world! whereas i dont want to do that i want

  7. Andera Reply:

    she stops getting her period, and a pregnancy test would also tell you!

  8. Catrina Reply:

    How girl can know that she is pregnant? Do a pregnancy test. Scroll down to related links and look at "Pregnancy test – Wikipedia". How would you know if a girl

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