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How can you tell how far along you are in a pregnancy?

You can tell how many months pregnant you are by going to the doctor and letting him check you out! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carola Reply:

    How to Tell How Far Along You are in Your Pregnancy. Once you find out that you're carrying a baby, the next question is often, "How long am I in my pregnancy Detail:

  2. Ria Reply:

    First thing to do is to google ‘pregnancy calendar’ it will prompt you to put in the first day of your last period, then it will calculate your due date and what week of gestation you are in. For best results I recommend you see your GP who

  3. Ara Reply:

    You’re calm enough to ask questions, so I’m betting around the 2nd trimester, about 5 months. When you reach late pregnancy and your back starts to hurt, the baby kicks your kidneys when you have to pee, and your hips widen to the size of a… More:

  4. Breanna Reply:

    Visiting your doctor and getting an ultrasound is the best way to tell how far along you are in your pregnancy. In the first trimester, women usually will feel nausea, fatigue, backaches, mood swings and stress. The first trimester is weeks… More:

  5. Valorie Reply:

    To see how far along you are, count back to the first day of your last period and determine the amount of days between today’s date and the first day of your last period. If your last period was 35 days ago, then you are 7 weeks pregnant. A… More:

  6. Riva Reply:

    Pregnancy poll: What were you earliest pregnancy symptoms for your 1st and 2nd pregnancy? For me, my first pregnancy it was very sore breasts, cramping and nausea. I’m almos

  7. Deanne Reply:

    When I found out I was pregnant I was on BC and hadnt had a period in forever! The doctor pressed on my tummy and told me my due date was sept 11th! Then I had an ultrasound that said it was august 7th!!! He was born on sept 7th! My ob was the one who delivered me, never underestimate an experienced doctor!

  8. Jennette Reply:

    I'm sorry to say, you can't tell what day you got pregnant, you can only narrow things the doctors all use that "fancy" wheel to determine how far along you are.

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