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How do you no if your belly drops during pregnancy?

Lightening is when your baby drops down into the pelvis, lowering in station! This is in preparation for labor! Some women notice that they can breathe more easily but need to pee more frequently! First time babies may drop sooner while subsequent babies might not drop until labor and delivery! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Natasha Reply:

    During the final weeks, the baby will drop into the pelvis, sometimes called Some women know exactly when the baby has dropped, while others do not feel or to determine when a baby will drop because every pregnancy is unique and Detail:

  2. Evalyn Reply:

    For subsequent pregnancies, lightening often doesn’t occur before labor starts. If you feel an increase in pelvic pressure or the sensation that your baby is " pushing I know I "dropped" last night because this morning I could not see my

  3. Bulah Reply:

    1 Talk to your obstetrician about your belly button rings . Most mothers can wear their regular belly button rings up until about 5 or 6 months; however, if the piercing is new, gets torn or is injured, there could be a risk of blood poison… More:

  4. Shirl Reply:

    Some women experience the dropping of their babies weeks before the baby is born, others, days. More:

  5. Elna Reply:

    A baby usually drops during the pregnancy when it’s close to delivery. The belly becomes very low in the eighth month due to the baby getting ready to come out. A woman usually starts to dilate when the baby starts to drop. More:

  6. Minerva Reply:

    Does the second Pregnancy Belly show up sooner than the first week of my second pregnancy pregnancy belly did??? I am in the 6th, and unfortunately I feel like my belly is alr

  7. Annalisa Reply:

    Teens do not continue to get their period into pregnancy! Nobody has a true period during pregnancy! If there is bleeding, it is caused by other reasons! Also, the symptoms youve listed are far too many for as far along as you would be if you were pregnant! You would not be experiencing all of those symptoms this early on! It sounds like you are trying to think yourself pregnant! If you are worried, purchase a home pregnancy test to find out for sure!

  8. Jazmin Reply:

    cute question i dont know and id love to help because i think im pregnant, but im only sixteen and When will the baby drop if this is not your first pregnancy?

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