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How does Your Stomach Feel if Your Pregnant

You may have such questions as When Does Your Stomach Get Hard When Your Pregnant and Can a Women Feel It When She Is Pregnant,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Does A Pregnant Stomach Feel Like. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Feel Flutters in Stomach When First Pregnant,too. Read more as following:

At the beginning of pregnancy your stomach does not feel any different. When you uterus grows large enough, your stomach will become hard to the touch. This can take about 4-6 months.

When does your stomach get hard when your pregnant?

Everybody is different, it depends on your body type before you go...... More »

Can a Women Feel It When She is Pregnant?

Some woman can feel that she is pregnant from the very beginning while other woman may go their whole pregnancy and not even be aware of the pregnancy. Each of us are different and are bodies react differently to situations including pregnancy.... More »

What does a Pregnant Stomach Feel Like?

Depending on how far along someone is in pregnancy it is usually hard. As the pregnancy progresses you can feel where the baby is actually laying because it is firmer in that area.... More »

am I Pregnant? Quiz

Pregnancy symptoms vary widely from woman to woman. It is important to note that this online pregnancy test is for informational purposes only. It is possible to answer yes to every question and still not be pregnant, or to answer no to all and be pr... More »

Can I be Pregnant Still have a Period?

It is not normal to still get a period while pregnant. Some women do get this or will have spotting but it is something you definitely want to run by a doctor so they can determine if this is normal for you.... More »

How does Your Stomach Feel When Your Pregnant?

When you are first pregnant, you will probably not feel any difference. Until the fourth or fifth month when your abdomen feel tighter. In the last few months of pregnancy you will probably feel the baby moving inside, which is hard to describe.... More »


  1. Shaz Reply:

    I am curious to know how the stomach changes and feels when you are pregnant.
    I am wondering if I am….

  2. Reee Reply:

    I was wondering how does a pregnant woman’s stomach feel whenever she presses down on it. Like does it feel sensitive and hurt? or does it just feel hard? I would like to know pretty much how it feels as the months go by.

  3. Beth Reply:

    i was just wondering from people who know what does your stomach feel like when you press it? or does it feel any different?? or hard?

  4. Nikhil Reply:

    For instance, where should I feel around to see if there’s something there or what might my stomach feel like to the touch?

  5. Nicki Reply:

    I’m 29 weeks pregnant and my stomach feels like sore, Its not a cramping feeling, just sore. Should I be worried or is this normal?

  6. Ato M Reply:

    I think I might be pregnant but I dont know.
    Can you please explain how your stomach should feel in the first few months?

  7. Chauncy Reply:

    when a girl is pregnant,and the baby is growing inside of her stomach,how should her stomach feel?

  8. Grace Reply:

    I am 39 years old. I gain my weight in my stomach and chest. I feel pregnant. I am just beside myself. What do I do and please serious answers only. Thank you.

  9. Dog Lover Reply:

    My girlfriend said that her stomach feels like it is “falling out”. Also she throws up through-out the day. Is she pregnant or is it just a stomach flu or other sickness?

  10. Shellytokes Reply:

    I would like to know what my stomach would feel like if i was pregnant. would it cramps, feel weird when i layed on it, felt werid sensation or flutters. and if some can answer who has known they were pregnant from very early on please describe feelings in stomach and stomach its self.

  11. Lindsey Reply:

    So if your like 2 weeks pregnant does your stomach feel different like on the inside?

  12. Tina Lockett Reply:

    I was overweight when I started this pregnancy with my second child. I weighed about 175, now i’m about 180. WIth my first child I remember my stomach feeling hard, but I weighed about 120 when I get pregnant with my first child. Is it normal that my stomach still feels soft at 20 weeks?

  13. Mysterimusicluva Reply:

    Does your stomach feel hard, and what are signs and symptons. If I’m pregnant I’d be almost a month along, so Help!

  14. Reginald Reply:

    How should your belly and stomach feel 6 months pregnant?
    How to feel around for its head/legs how hard/ soft. If I were to push my stomach in with my hands what would I feel

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