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How does Your Stomach Feel in Early Pregnancy

You may have such questions as Where Is the Cervix Located during Early Pregnancy and Does the Cervix Lower in Early Pregnancy,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Does The Stomach Feel Like In Early Pregnancy. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Very Early Pregnancy Signs,too. Read more as following:

From personal experience, your stomach feels queasy during early pregnancy. Often you will feel like vomiting. Sometimes you might feel flutters in your stomach that you might think are movements of the baby, but usually these flutters are just gas.

What does the stomach feel like in early pregnancy?

Answer Depends on the patient. Some women feel nothing at all, others are mildly nauseous to severely nauseous. Morning sickness can last anywhere from a few weeks to the duration of pregnancy. It can also be any time of the day ranging from half an... More »

What does an early pregnancy stomach feel like?

full but quizzy.... More »

How does your stomach feel early in pregnancy?

Like a hangover and a sore vagina from the random guy that you had unprotected sex with the night before... More »

What does Early Pregnancy Feel Like?

During early pregnancy, some women may have now symptoms at all. Maybe just a missed period. Other women, may have flu-like symptoms. Every pregnancy is different, so you may have symptoms in you first pregnancy that may be totally different in the f... More »


  1. Vidal Soto Reply:

    When you push on the outside of it?
    I could be pregnant and my stomach is actually feeling harder, it’s squishy when I touch it, but when I push down further it’s hard, whereas it used to be completely squishy.

  2. Anp_15 Reply:

    When i push on my middle upper stomach i feel pain.whats happening in my stomach?
    Is this early pregnancy sympton or something else?

  3. El Reply:

    I’m very early on in my pregnancy (Somewhere between 4-6 weeks) I have a stomach ache this morning. I keep feeling these flutters/butterflies in my tummy. Is this normal for early pregnancy or should I be worried?

  4. Scorpio Reply:

    I’ve never been able to nap or sleep in but past two weeks I can’t get out of bed and taken at least two naps a day, and my stomach feels like its sort of pooching out: could these be possible early pregnancy symptoms?

  5. Sreekesh Reply:

    Not like hard or soft, but does it feel like your carrying weight in your stomach when you walk? My stomach feels heavy when i walk or sit up. How does everyone elses stomachs feel?

  6. Helena Reply:

    what does your stomach feel like in early pregnancy?…does it feel hard at all or regular… is it lower or closer to your stomach? i just want to know cus i have no idea how it ‘s supposed to be… thanks

  7. Anthony Gray Reply:

    There is a possibility i could be pregnant, and i was wondering what everyone’s stomach felt like during early pregnancy? and is there anyone that just felt they knew for a fact that they were pregnant?

  8. Johnny Bravo Reply:

    How’d your stomach feel in early pregnancy and what were your symptoms? Anything before a missed period or was it all after your missed period.

  9. Samuel Johnstone Reply:

    What does your stomach and uterus feel like in early pregnancy when you are pregnant with your second baby, 6 months after giving birth?

  10. Saad Reply:

    How’d your stomach feel in early pregnancy and what were your symptoms? Anything before a missed period or was it all after your missed period.

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