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How Early can You Feel Fluttering During Pregnancy

You may have such questions as Is Stomach Flutters Sign of Pregnancy and Stomach Fluttering What Could This Be,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Is the Uterus Located during Pregnancy. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Feel Flutters in Stomach When First Pregnant,too. Read more as following:

With all five of my pregnancies I usually felt the fluttering of the baby moving around 16-18 weeks. There are times you will think you felt it but you will know for sure when you do.

Is fluttering in your stomach a sign of early pregnancy?

Answer When I got pregnant, I had a fluttering sensation in my lower abdomen that lasted a few seconds. That's how I knew I was pregnant! So the answer is yes!... More »

stomach flutters?

It sounds like you are ovulating.... More »

Where is the Uterus Located During Pregnancy?

The uterus is located in your pelvic bone area during pregnancy. It grows throughout pregnancy and is able to be felt around 12 weeks just above your pelvic bone.... More »


  1. Elyluv Reply:

    This is my 2nd pregnancy, with my first it was about 23 weeks before I felt him move, has anyone had a 2nd pregnancy where they felt it sooner?

  2. Kosi J Reply:

    how many weeks was you when you felt the flutters?
    how many weeks was you when other people could feel the movement?
    and how many weeks when you got a noticeable baby bump?
    thats if you can remember. :)

  3. Gwyn Reply:

    It happened twice and just last a few minutes each time. It was kind of a shooting pain. What would cause this in a pregnancy at 12 weeks?

  4. Noahandbees Reply:

    I felt the first movements during my 1st pregnancy at 13 weeks. Would my weight have anything to do with feeling it so early..i am 65kilos?

  5. Sloan Reply:

    Is there a spotting, nausia, bitter taste, backpain, tummy cramping, baby fluttering or kicks, It doesnt mean i have all these things, but want to know what others have\had

    Kindly list down what you have.

  6. Breakfast At Slickie’s. Reply:

    I don’t want to get my hopes up..Took a test a week ago and it was negative (2 days before my AF). just to know if you had pregnancy symptom this early or if it my period?

  7. Twinkles Reply:

    The last time I went to the DR, the ultrasound showed the baby moving all around. I know that the baby is not that strong now but I was just curious as to know when I should start feeling movements and what does it feel like.

  8. Lilsuzyy Reply:

    I would like to know what the first movements feel like, and how far along in the pregnancy do u start to feel them?

  9. Jasper Reply:

    When was the first time you felt your baby move during pregnancy?
    did anyone feel it at an earlier time than usual?

  10. Lion Of Judah! I Love Jesus! Reply:

    I have been feeling flutters and something similar to light “contractions” (doctor has already determined that it’s not contractions) and I’m curious if there are any other women who have experienced the same during their pregnancy(ies)…

  11. Alaysha Reply:

    I think am pregnant at early stage, the test was negative but signs is there, I had tingling feelings in different part of my lower abdomen many times nor and still for seconds. Had 2 C sections before. any body know what does it mean ?

  12. Marjorie Sauer Reply:

    do you have your period?
    when does your belly start to show?
    how many times can you bleed through out pregnancy and when?
    and what are things to expect?
    what are early signs of pregnancy?
    if you dont throw up during early pregnancy do you get the runs instead?
    thx for your help

  13. Damian Reply:

    Some people say they feel “flutters” in their lower abdominal during early pregnancy, like around 4 to 6 weeks- I know at this point it is WAY to early to actually feel the baby moving. Could this be just like a muscle spasm or something? Has anyone ever had this?

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