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How far along do you usually have to be for a pregnancy test to show up positive?

The earliest you can get a positive result on the most sensitive pregnancy tests is seven days after ovulation! 24/7! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Judi Reply:

    There are some other methods to determine how far along the pregnancy is. Pregnancy testing is usually done by palpation of the uterus with a hand inserted If the date of a positive pregnancy test is known, the breeding can be She will show signs of the impending birth starting about two weeks before calving. Detail:

  2. Arlyne Reply:

    Feb 20, 2009 How far along do you have to be before the pregnancy test come up positive? i took a pregnancy test like last week or two weeks ago at the

  3. Timothy Reply:

    You can be just a day late depending on which test you purchase. If you buy one that advertises that on the box (forgive me I cannot remember the name of the test, but I have used it and got a positive at only one day late)you can use it as… More:

  4. Cherri Reply:

    Pregnancy tests can usually be taken on the day of your missed period for them to be accurate. More:

  5. Erminia Reply:

    a couple of weeks most likely!! with my first i was 2 & a half weeks, & my second i was 8 weeks. More:

  6. Toya Reply:

    Is 7 DPO too soon to test for pregnancy? When did your pregnancy tests, I am STILL ovulating after finally show positive? According to my ovulation kit 7 DAYS OF POSITIVES on

  7. Qiana Reply:

    Probable Date of Ovulation: Oct 14Possible Dates of Conception: Oct 10 to Oct 17End of First Trimester (13 weeks): Dec 30End of Second Trimester (27 weeks): Aprl 7Your Due Date (40 weeks): July 7 2010Those numbers are based on if your first day of your last period was on Sept 30th!check out this website: www!baby2see!com (great little site!)The spotting you had was probably implantation which is normalcongrats!

  8. Sadye Reply:

    Can elavil give a false positive for a benzo in a dip test? Answer it! How far along do you usually have to be for it to show up on a pregnancy test? You can be

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