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How long do you have to wait to find out if you’re pregnant?

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  1. Bette Reply:

    If you believe you are carrying a baby because you have missed your period, it could be a The doctor can tell you how long you have been pregnant and also what to do to How Long Should You Wait to Get Pregnant After a Miscarriage? Detail:

  2. Kimberley Reply:

    I used an Early Response digital Clear Blue Easy test and it was correct in detecting hCg three days prior to my missed period. However, some people have still had false negatives at this point (false positives are EXTREMELY rare, something

  3. Clemencia Reply:

    Answer The sooner you go to the doctor the better. It is important for them to check for certain things diseases or cancers that may harm the baby. The first appointment will probably consist of drawing blood to check for a group b strep, a… More:'re_pregnant_should_you_wait_to_see_a_doctor

  4. Sanda Reply:

    If you are hoping to become pregnant, you may have an exciting period of time ahead of you. You may analyze how you feel each day, looking for any sign that may indicate you have conceived. You may also eagerly await the time when you can t… More:

  5. Raisa Reply:

    First, you must determine whether or not you or your loved one are pregnant. And the first sign that a woman might be pregnant is simple: a missed menstrual period. Though missing a period may be caused by other things-birth control pills, … More:

  6. Stephani Reply:

    I want to know how long i should wait

  7. Sonya Reply:

    u have to be pregnant 6-8 weeks!!!wait until ur period is late from 7-15 dayz

  8. Velda Reply:

    You need to wait for your period to start or you will not get the correct results. that it's been long enough, that being said and understanding the need to know. If you are anxious to see whether you are pregnant or not and don't want to wait

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