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How long does it take an iud take to work?

An IUD is usually inserted during a menstrual period when the cervix is slightly open and pregnancy is least likely! After insertion, an IUD is effective immediately! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Suzann Reply:

    An IUD is easy to use for several years, or can be removed early if you want to get is placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy and can work for up to 10 years. How Long Does it Take to Get Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control Pills ? Detail:

  2. Nada Reply:

    How Does an IUD Work? Both the ParaGard Most women can use either the ParaGard or the Mirena IUD safely. But all If you are concerned about a possible pregnancy, you can always take a pregnancy test. Overall, most . The IUD is the most inexpensive long-term and reversible form of birth control you can get.

  3. Melaine Reply:

    The IUD itself can cost around $250. There is an additional charge for insertion by the doctor. Some health insurances will cover the cost of implantation. More:

  4. Miguelina Reply:

    An IUD prevents sperm from fertilizing an egg. An IUD works in two ways. The first way is it causes the uterus think there is an inflammation. In response the sperm will die. If an egg is still able to be fertilized then the inflammation wi… More:

  5. Maryland Reply:

    An IUD is an acronym for an intrauterine device. This is use for birth control. Many woman like to go this route because they can have it taken out if they decide to have children in the future with no affects. More:

  6. Jude Reply:

    Pregnancy after IUD question? Is the IUD the best in the future? Doctor recommended to us the idea if wanting another child IUD as the best form of birth control, being that w

  7. Lorita Reply:

    Depends on how fast your blood stream can absorb the meds! Usually 30-45 mins!

  8. Dagny Reply:

    How long does birth control take to work after having a IUD out? The answer depends on the IUD type and the new birth control type. Contact your health care

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