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How long is a mare pregnant before giving birth?

A normal pregnancy in horses lasts approximately 11 months – around 340 days! Colt foals tend to be carried longer than fillies!! Thanks for asking ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Candyce Reply:

    Advance planning is important with a pregnant mare. horses image by A mare should be brought in from pasture 30 days before foaling. Foaling, a pregnant horse giving birth, can occur while the mare is standing or Signs of trouble during a horse pregnancy include the mare being in labor for quite a long time, the Detail:

  2. Jacquetta Reply:

    For how long is a mare pregnant before she gives birth? When myne was born it took 8 months to actually give birthP.S i used a ageing point for the last two

  3. Pricilla Reply:

    Canine pregnancies typically last from 63 to 65 days, but they can range anywhere between 58 and 68 days. If you know when your dog mated, you should be able to gauge when the birth is due reasonably accurately. But with an accidental pregn… More:

  4. Sherilyn Reply:

    A dogs’ gestation period. or pregnancy term, can last from 61 to 65 days, generally speaking, about two months. Each gestational period will vary the type of dog breed, the size of dog, and a number of other factors, which is the reason for… More:

  5. Sherlyn Reply:

    A mare is usually pregnant for just shy of a year, but it depends on the horse though. More:

  6. Kathlene Reply:

    How long to wait to pregnant again after giving birth? My friends have just given girl and want to start birth to a healthy baby asap to conceive again. How long shall they w

  7. Audie Reply:

    Okay, OMG please get the foal aborted! Your mare is too young to breed and will have complications! Also, you dont know squat about pregnancy and raising and training a foal, and this foal will NOT be sold for a profit! You really got yourself into a mess! I CANNOT STAND BACKYARD BREEDERS! Nothing useful will come out of this foal as there are so many foals out there produced by people who dont know what they are doing! Do the horse industry and your horse a favor and dont ever breed again! You will be poor unless you know what you are doing, which you obviously dont and never will! You are not making anyone happy! I cannot even tell you how much I want to punch you in the face right now! Get the foal aborted and dont ever attempt to breed again! Please!Im being really honest when I say this foal is not a good idea! You will end up spending thousands of dollars on vet bills, and you wont get it back if you sell the foal, especially if the sire and dam dont have serious showing experience! And I hope the dam doesnt because she is too young to be ridden, too! For everyones sake, sell your horse and buy a hamster! They are cheaper and make more babies! That should please you!*EDIT* I went to your profile and you are a real idiot! There is a very, very, very, very small chance your mare will have twins! If she does, there would be a very, very, very, very large chance that either she or one of the foals will die! Horses and twins do not mix well! It is highly unlikely that a mare will have a healthy pregnancy free of complications if twins are involved! And please, why the hell would you want to breed puppies too?? Do you know how many dogs end up in shelters?? There are so many unwanted dogs out there that a lot of them end up euthanized, even if they are young and healthy! Do you really want to be responsible for ending a life?? Even if you find homes for all the puppies, that just means whoever adopts them wont adopt a shelter dog! If you like watching puppies grow up, foster some out from a shelter! They will appreciate the help and that way you will be doing a nice thing for the dogs!

  8. Alene Reply:

    For how long is a mare pregnant before she gives birth? When myne was born it took 8 months to actually give birthP.S i used a ageing point for the last two

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