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How soon can you feel morning sickness from pregnancy?

Morning sickness can hit you almost as soon as you find out your pregnant because the hormones are starting to build up enough at that point! Try to find something that you can tolerate and eat frequent small meals! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ruth Reply:

    How Early Do You Get Morning Sickness?. More than half of pregnant women get morning sickness. This pregnancy illness can happen in the morning or at Detail:

  2. Karey Reply:

    You can have morning sickness early. When I was pregnant with my son, I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after unprotected sex due to morning sickness!

  3. Thomasena Reply:

    Morning sickness can occur around the 6th week of pregnancy in the first trimester and may end about the 4th month of pregnancy. Since every pregnancy is different, there are some women that may not get morning sickness at all and there are… More:

  4. Yessenia Reply:

    Morning sickness will normally appear around four to six weeks after conception. Morning sickness is triggered by the surge in hormones that result from pregnancy. It can last from a few weeks to several months after conception. More:

  5. Kacie Reply:

    Morning sickness is different for each woman. Generally, it starts between the 4th and 8th week of pregnancy. It usually lasts until the 22nd week although some women will experience up until birth. You can find more information here: http:… More:

  6. Magdalen Reply:

    Morning sickness question about pregnancy, I feel bad!? I ate pepperoni pizza yesterday for the rest of the afternoon, and it made me sick day. I ate a little bit, but not muc

  7. Alva Reply:

    With my first one, I didnt find out that I was pregnant until I was about 18 weeks along! I dont remember having any morning sickness, I would just get sick every time I would brush my teeth (not very pleasant)! I was really depressed at the time because of some things that had happened before/ during the time I had gotten pregnant! I craved pickles (especially fried lol) and lemonade and I couldnt stand the taste/smell of eggs! I lost 20 some odd pounds so I really didnt gain anything in the long run! I was really tired for a while, but then would get bursts of energy! I had high blood pressure with my first one, so they induced me at 37 weeks and I ended up with a c-section! This pregnancy (Im 37 weeks) I found out before I had even missed my period! I didnt have massive morning sickness, just nausea! I still have trouble brushing my teeth without being sick lol! I havent been depressed this time around (lol not enough time to be depressed with a two year old running around)! I have craved sweets and orange juice this time! I havent really had anything that I just cant stand!!! except Chinese food just hasnt been as good as it usually is! I am still negative in the weight gain with this one (like -2 lbs)! I dont know why I loose weight during pregnancy lol! I did show a lot faster this time around too! Lol sorry I know thats a lot to read! Congrats on your second!

  8. Rosio Reply:

    You can have morning sickness early. When I was pregnant with my son, I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after unprotected sex due to morning sickness!

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