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How soon can you tell if your pregnant?

You can test if you are pregnant 3 to 4 days after you miss your next period (if you miss it, and that’s a big if)! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Myrtis Reply:

    How Soon Can You Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant?. You might be suspicious that your dog is pregnant, but are not sure how soon you will be able to tell. Detail:

  2. Fransisca Reply:

    Some pregnancy tests say that they can give accurate results 5-7 days before your missed period. For best results, take a pregnancy test with the first urine passed in the morning, as it is more concentrated and will contain higher levels o

  3. Tama Reply:

    You can take a pregnancy test after you have missed your period. There are some tests can tell you two weeks and some test in as little as 5 days after you have become pregnant. The very first sign of a pregnancy is a missed period. Some ot… More:

  4. Arnetta Reply:

    There are some brands of home pregnancy tests that will allow you to test for pregnancy up to a week before you miss your period. This is usually the soonest that you will be able to tell. More:

  5. Jean Reply:

    There no certain time period to tell when you are preganet, it would depend on when you missed your period and how well you know your body. Some women can tell with in 2 weeks. More:

  6. Darla Reply:

    I had an abortion in January 2009 and i am now its not working. am i able to get trying to get pregnant but pregnant? whats a fast way to get pregnant?

  7. Starr Reply:

    an at home test is acurate after 3 weeks, but I knew something was up when i felt so tired i could berly stand

  8. April Reply:

    How soon can you find out if you are pregnant? Improve. In: Can You Get With a home test, you can tell after you've missed your period. With a few kinds, you

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