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How would i make a home made pregnancy test?

So far there has been no pregnancy tests that you can concoct at home, so a home pregnancy test kit is your best bet! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Adena Reply:

    A modern homemade pregnancy test, currently making the rounds on Internet bulletin boards and chat rooms, involves women urinating on dandelion leaves. Detail:

  2. Joseph Reply:

    There’s no such thing. First Response Pregnancy Test has emerged as the most reliable test at home.

  3. Danielle Reply:

    Home pregnancy tests range in price depending on the brand and how many tests are in the package. On average a single pregnancy test can range from $9 on up. More:

  4. Annita Reply:

    If you are using a test that is made to work before you actually miss a period you can take those 1 week before you expect a period. Otherwise you want to wait until your period is at least a day late. More:

  5. Angelyn Reply:

    A home pregnancy test, if done properly, can be 97 percent accurate. If you are unsure of the results you get the first time, try taking a second pregnancy test. If the second yes comes out positive also, you’ll want to make an appointment … More:

  6. Leonor Reply:

    Home-made pregnancy test? Hi, my car broke down and except school and work [since im taking care of my i don’t have time to go anywhere 1 year old who hates walks]. i WONT get

  7. Dalia Reply:

    I wish! Those things can be so darn expensive! Especially when you are ttc and become a pee-on -a-stick-aholic! And clearly start using them before you have any chance of getting an accurate answer at all! LOL!Not that I know of! If you find a way of doing this or any natural way, please post it!

  8. Mildred Reply:

    How do you make a homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste? I have no idea where you've heard this but tell the person who told you that there is no way to

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