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If I got pregnant in june bout when would I be due?

Prolonged Pregnancy How long pregnancy lasts varies somewhat between women! The due date toward which you have been working is based on pregnancy lasting 40 weeks or 280 days from the date of the last menstrual period! Therefore I’d say you’d be due sometime in April! for now! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shaunte Reply:

    No matter how you got pregnant, it's not quite as simple as adding nine months to the day of conception, even though If your egg collection date was June 15, for example, your due date would be March 8. About IVF Pregnancy Calculators Detail:

  2. Kecia Reply:

    The nonsense about only being able to get pregnant during your ovulation time I got pregnant a week before my period was due, and ended up having a slight period. This past June, I started my period on a Friday, had unprotected sex on time in the month when you can get pragnent. it just means that its the time of

  3. Porsche Reply:

    If you conceived on June 21, 2009 your baby would be due Sunday March 28th 2010. More:

  4. Apolonia Reply:

    According to Pregnancy Due Date Calculator, your baby will be born on or around Tuesday, March 9, 2010. More:

  5. Laticia Reply:

    Due dates are calculated by your last period. If this was in the middle of May, your due date would be around February 19, 2010. More:

  6. Serita Reply:

    Am I pregnant? Period due on 1st June,09. Done Home pregnancy test on it.? My period was due on 5th June, 2009 but still not got 1st June, 2009. I have sill not got the period

  7. Agatha Reply:

    Honey,First of all, calm down! I am so sorry about your dad and your grandfather! Now, think of everything youve been through! You should be very proud that you have gotten this far! Dont worry about the process of labor! Womens bodies are designed to handle this! If it was that awful no one would be having babies anymore, which obviously they are because human race is continuing! You will be ok! Take your mom in the room with you and even your boyfriend if you want! They will be emotionally supporting you through the whole thing! The doctors know what they are doing and they can give you medicine to help you through the pain! Think of your sweet little baby the entire time!!!!it will make it all worthwile :) Your little one is literally the light at the end of the tunnel! Think of him/her smiling and looking up at you! Please dont even think about killing yourself! You have been through so much and look how strong that has made you! One of my favorite quotes to think about while going through hard times is This too, shall pass! Nothing will happen at school!!!technically you can take maternity leave right now! You can do this! I will be praying for you! Just remember what a strong, brave person you are and how much your baby and God love you!Good luck :)

  8. Estrella Reply:

    If you got pregnant June 13 what would my due date be? Get notified about updated answers; Follow your favorite categories; Get credit for your contributions

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