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If your 2 weeks and 3 days late no your period will a pregnancy test show up positive?

Urine tests can detect pregnancy about two weeks after ovulation! Most drugstores sell HPTs over-the-counter, and prices can range between $8 and $20! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Val Reply:

    Are you wondering if your extreme lethargy or tender breasts are early signs of pregnancy? you keep track of it, a late period is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. Choose one with two tests per box so you can double-check your results. period early and was on for 5 days, im only guna take the pill in a weeks time Detail:

  2. Liliana Reply:

    Sep 6, 2007 I wasn’t late or anythingjust had a feelingand it came out positive. at 3, it popped up +as soon as it hit the stick, there was no question, i took a home pregnancy test at 2 weeks. i wasnt late or nothing. and But doctors recommends you to take a pregnancy test 1 month & 7 days after your last period.

  3. Marsha Reply:

    Answer Yes this is possible. Do a test in three weeks time. More:

  4. Aisha Reply:

    Answer This is difficult to say. It is possible that your short, late period was an implantation bleed so you got pregnant last month. Your doctor/midwife will probably order a dating scan which will tell you. More:

  5. Janina Reply:

    Your Pregnat!!!!!!!!!!!! More:

  6. Carry Reply:

    i am 2 days late for pregnancy test at home its my period date, i have had a Hcg show positive.? can this be right result?

  7. Selma Reply:

    I WANNA PLAY I WANNA PLAY! lolWe dry humped and he said he had cum in his pants! Will I get pregnant for rubbing up against him but he still had his pants on??

  8. Lianne Reply:

    if you have missed one period it doesnt mean no ovulation or pregnant you could How long after a miscarriage will a pregnancy test still show positive? headaches period about 2 weeks late took 3 preg tests and were neg Could I be pregnant? Can you be pregnant if you have had your period and two negative tests?

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