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What are the chances of getting pregnant after missing one pill?

If a single tablet is forgotten, there is always a chance for pregnancy! You should use a back-up contraceptive for the month! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jane Reply:

    Missing a pill, failing to take the pill at the same time each day, or starting the pill late; all escalate the chances of a woman becoming pregnant while taking oral How Soon Can One Get Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control Pills? The use of Detail:

  2. Taneka Reply:

    What are my chances of getting pregnant if i missed one pill and made it up ASAP? My boyfriend and I had sex soon after. We used a

  3. Casandra Reply:

    There shouldn’t be a problem to get pregnant again. More:

  4. Keesha Reply:

    100% Good job. =] More:

  5. Jaunita Reply:

    maybe because birth control is a bad thing same with abortion. What if your mom aborted or birth controlesd you? More:

  6. Gabriel Reply:

    what are the chances of getting pregnant after missing one pill pregnant after missing just one? my sister in law got pill (or so she says). i was just wondering what the chan

  7. Deena Reply:

    Unfortunately McQueen is mistaken here and it is because my mother missed one pill that me her happy surprise came about :) My mum got pregnant very easily though! I dont think it has anything to do with the length of cycle and your sister in law could have taken all her pills and still got pregnant as no contraception is 100% guaranteed to work!

  8. Bernardina Reply:

    added When you take the pill after tomorrow 2 days after is there a chance you are already Getting Pregnant After Going Off the Pill IMPROVED ANSWER: As a physician, . No, it's a normal thing to do if you missed a pill the day before.

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