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What does Craving Ice Mean

You may have such questions as Why Do People Crave Ice and Why Do Anemics Crave Ice,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Does It Mean When You Crave Ice. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Craving Ice While Pregnant,too. Read more as following:

Having a craving for ice cream is your mind telling you it would like some ice cream. Having cravings doesn’t necessarily mean you are hungry which may lead to weight gain.

Why do People Crave Ice?

Craving and chewing ice is often a sign of iron deficiency anemia, although it could also be a sign of other health or emotional problems. Sometimes it's just a habit. When a person craves a non nutritious substance, doctors call it pica. You can fin... More »

Why do Anemics Crave Ice?

People who are anemic have low iron in there bodies, there body lacks minerals, they really don't know why people with anemia crave things, such as ice, dirt or paper.... More »

What does It Mean When You Crave Ice?

Pagophasia is the term used for craving ice. It is thought that craving ice is a sign of iron deficiency. If you are cold all the time, have memory problems, or are vegan, you may want to take an iron supplement.... More »

What causes someone to crave ice?

Children go through states of transient pica, where they crave ice and love chewing it and this is relatively common. This is called pagophagia. The craving is often linked to anemia but it can be caused by other issues as well. No one knows why thos... More »

How to curb ice cream cravings?

1. Explore the real reasons why you want ice cream so badly. Often taking 10 minutes to write in a journal, go for a short walk or distract your mind with a book is enough for the desire to pass. If you want ice cream when you are exhausted, stressed... More »

Why are you craving ice WATER?

because im thirsty.... More »


  1. Sherroid Reply:

    I skip my period all the time, but I had a hankering for ice cream last week, and a craving for pickles this week. I haven’t had either in like forever. Does that mean I could be pregnant?

    I’ve never had anything but protected sex. I just get scared because I skip all the time.

  2. Jane Reply:

    I have this weird craving to eat baby powder. Could there be some type of mineral deficiency or something ??

  3. Invisible. Reply:

    I didn’t start eating ice until my third trimester of pregnancy and I keep eating it until this day. Does that mean for sure I have an iron deficiency or I just like ice?
    I know there is no iron in ice..I never said there was people.

  4. Maia Earthsong Reply:

    I have been drinking milk and eating ice cream like crazy for the past day an a half.

  5. Aaron S Reply:

    I would just get a cup of ice and let it melt a little and then just crunch it up and take another. Is there a down side to this – health wise

  6. Eggplant Reply:

    I heard that craving salty foods means you really need protein or something like that, I can’t remember, can someone help??

  7. Sad Reply:

    I’ve been on a diet for a week and have been craving french fries and ice cream. I want to give myself that but I know if I do I’ll end up eating the whole gallon of ice cream and eating all the french fries. What can I do about my cravings please?

  8. Ambers_ashes Reply:

    The oxygen channel is a channel for woman by woman. But everytime I skim by it, either Friday 3 or Boys in the Hood is playing. I mean is that what woman like, black men? Or is it Ice Cube? Is that what you all crave, Ice Cube?

  9. Darach Reply:

    For the last few days I have been craving ice. I have heard that this means I am lacking certain nutrients.

  10. Kayla Reply:

    I have to start losing a few pounds for this year’s wrestling season, and I’m having this craving for vanilla ice cream with that hardder thing on top of it yum :). But does anyone know the way to stop craving them?

  11. Lexie Reply:

    Well, i currently have a sore throat and i was recently craving some ice cream.
    Before i have heard that eating ice cream will help cure your sore throat,
    but i have also heard that it will make it worse.
    Anyone have an idea?

  12. Kara Reply:

    i have always had night where i wake up and just have this craving for ice cold water, what can this mean?

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