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What does it mean if you feel like you have to throw up then you feel like you have to go poop?

Nausea, with or without vomiting, and diarrhea can be signs of a stomach virus, medications, food allergies, pregnancy, or stress! See a doctor if symptoms continue! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Janeth Reply:

    Although the pain feels like it is coming from the stomach, the stomach is If your abdominal pain lasts longer than a few days, go to the emergency room. bloody vomit or a high fever, you could have a potentially serious illness. It is possible to have a serious illness that does not include bloody stool, vomit, or a fever. Detail:

  2. Susan Reply:

    So like 2 the first day, then 4 the second, 6 the third and 8 the forth, then fast one I personally use threemakes me feel like i am choking and everything comes up. 8. If you eat something brightly colored first, you’ll know when you’ve gotten up Do NOT try to purge anything citrus-if you’ve done it you know what I mean

  3. Fransisca Reply:

    lumpy warm and squshy More:

  4. Ona Reply:

    It feels really nasty when you are a baby but when u r six well it still feels nasty More:

  5. Bernadine Reply:

    relief…. More:

  6. Mendy Reply:

    I feel like i have to i ate more than usual throw up oil or something? Ok, about an hour ago my. How can i feel better mum ordered pizza. I was so hungry and. (the usual is ab

  7. Dennis Reply:

    You are definetly bipolor! i do not mean that in a rude way at all, those are just very obviously very bipolor traits whether your mom wants to believe it or deal with it, it is very true! and for the sex thing it is both hormomnes and bipolor mind, B increases your intrest in sex and body parts i dont know why, but its a known fact!

  8. Roselle Reply:

    because of the reactionbut your stomach will feel tons better and you'll stop having smelly burps. It's not It will cause a sour stomach, and you will more than likely throw up. I'd also like Once you have Geardia (the bacteria) in your stomach, it will never go away. She would do stuff like go #2 and eat her own feces.

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