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What does my stomach look like during early pregnancy?

During early pregnancy, the first trimester, your stomach may not show at all, depending on your body and size! By the third month or so, the stomach will protrude out a little like a small bump! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lakia Reply:

    You may experience what feels like a heartbeat in your stomach at some point. This is your abdominal How to See Fetal Heartbeat in Early Pregnancy. Whether you are What does a pulled stomach muscle feel like? If you don't know the Detail:

  2. Delena Reply:

    Some women don’t feel pregnant early on, while others are hanging on for This time I’ve feel like it has been coming for a week, but nothing. This is my last time doing IVF because I just have the money to do it anymore so fingers crossed . I was having cramps in my side under my belly so here I am wondering again.

  3. Edra Reply:

    they look swollen in the stomach and the nipples show up More:

  4. Eric Reply:

    There is no way for you to predict what your baby will look like. A baby is going to receive half of its DNA from the mother and the other half from the father. The baby is going to get a combination of the more dominant genes. The features… More:

  5. Barbara Reply:

    Absolutely, doctors say. It’s important to watch what you eat during the early stages of pregnancy, both for the baby’s health and well-being and for your own health and wellness. From the very beginning of your pregnancy, everything you in… More:

  6. Janella Reply:

    Is there a difference in how the stomach looks in the early stages of pregnancy to bloated a stomach?

  7. Sarina Reply:

    go ahead an take a test what u thought was ur period was prolly implantation and u can have theses feeling right good luck an keep us posted

  8. Madonna Reply:

    Bubbly feeling in my stomach, (towards the top by your sternum) kind of like when your really hungry What does cervical mucus look like in early pregnancy?

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