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What does the uterus do?

The uterus (noun) is a hollow muscular organ in the pelvic cavity of females which contains the developing fetus during pregnancy! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rebbecca Reply:

    How Does the Cervix Change During Pregnancy?. The cervix is the A pregnant cervix has more blood flowing through it, which can cause a change in color. Detail:

  2. Rosalie Reply:

    The uterus or the womb holds the baby when a woman is pregnant. The child will grow in the uterus until delivery.

  3. Denae Reply:

    The uterus gets the privileged job of holding the fetus during a pregnancy. The uterus is attached to the cervix and the vagina, and has the Fallopian tubes on either side. For more information see here:…. More:

  4. Ursula Reply:

    The uterus is known to be located between the bladder and the rectum in the pelvic area. The uterus is also located above the vagina. A lot of people commonly know the uterus as the womb. More:

  5. Afton Reply:

    A uterus is a muscular organ that is located in the abdominal cavity of females. The uterus is what holds the fetus when a woman is pregnant. More:

  6. Tish Reply:

    Has anyone heard of an incarcerated uterus or retroverted uterus causing daughter and me and her a 2nd trimester miscarriage? Hi, I have a 2yr old father were trying for anoth

  7. Raymond Reply:

    Fundal height is useful in assessing fetal growth and development! Too high of a measurement and you could be having twins (or other fetal growth problems)! Too low of a measurement and your baby could be having problems with fetal growth such as intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)!

  8. Katharine Reply:

    Can a woman womb be in front are behind her cervix? A woman's womb in located in her uterus which is just past her cervix. Does the uterus or cervix enlarge

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