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What is the mucous plug in pregnant women?

A cervical mucus plug is a plug that fills and seals the cervical canal during pregnancy! It is formed by a small amount of cervical mucus! The mucus plug acts as a protective barrier by deterring the passage of bacteria into the uterus! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Maida Reply:

    The mucus plug blocks the cervical opening during pregnancy and prevents bacteria from entering the uterus. As the cervix thins and relaxes, however, the Detail:

  2. Judy Reply:

    Jul 21, 2011 Some women describe the mucous (or mucus) plug as looking more like the blood tinged mucous before your thirty-sixth week of pregnancy,

  3. Simonne Reply:

    When you pass your mucus plug – the small amount of thickened mucus that has sealed your cervical it is a sign of labor starting. More:

  4. Serafina Reply:

    T may look like a thick glob of stringy mucous, thicker than what you would see with normal vaginal secretions. If you are MORE More:'s-mucous-plug-look-like

  5. Maryalice Reply:

    Losing your mucous plug (cervical mucous that blocks the opening of the cervix) is a good indication that labor is near. More:

  6. Suzette Reply:

    33 Weeks Pregnant , Mucous Plug?!? Im currently 33w3d pregnant with for anyone who can please a little girl (: BUT i have some concerns help with them. I lost my mucous plug 3

  7. Kati Reply:

    When I lost my mucous plug, I felt as someone had pulled a tampon out (or a plug!) of me and the water kept flowing out for about an hour!I never saw my mucuos plug but you cant miss it, its not like normal discharge! I was too much in a hurry to get to the toilet so release what water I had left seeing as I already shared most of it with my bed :(Like most people say, you kind of know when youve lost your mucous plug!

  8. Adrien Reply:

    A mucous plug is a thick seal of mucous covering the bottom of the cervix in a pregnant woman. The plug helps prevent bacteria from entering the uterus and

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