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When do Babies Eyes Open

You may have such questions as When Do Human Babies Open Their Eyes and When Do Baby Mice Open Their Eyes,or you may also seek several helpful information about When Do Baby Rabbits Open Their Eyes. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Determine Baby Eye Color,too. Read more as following:

Babies begin opening their eyes in utero before they are even born! Around 24 weeks, retinal development is complete and babies can open and close their eyes!

When do Baby Mice Open Their Eyes?

Baby mice open their eyes and start to see at around the age of 10 days. They are also able to hear at about the same time. Mice are born unable to see and hear and they do not have hair or teeth as well. For more information look here: ... More »

When do Baby Rabbits Open Their Eyes?

A baby rabbit does open its eyes until about two weeks after it's born. Did you know that you should not handle or touch a baby rabbit until they are at least seven days old? It may cause their smell to change and the mother may not feed them.... More »

When do Babies Eyes Change Colour?

Most baby's are born with blue eyes because they have yet to produce enough melanin to change them otherwise. Most babies eye color is not set until 9 months, so waiting until their first birthday is a good way to know what color they will be.... More »

When do Baby Kittens Open Their Eyes?

Baby kittens open their eyes at different times, depending on what type of fur they have. Short haired cats open their eyes at around 5 days after birth, while long haired cats open their eyes at 10 days after birth.... More »

When do Baby Hamsters Open Their Eyes?

Baby hamsters will open there eyes approximately two weeks after they are born. Please remember not to handle the baby hamsters three weeks after they are born. If you sent gets on them the mother might reject the baby.... More »


  1. Gabby Reply:

    My dog just had puppies and I was just wondering how long it is until their eyes open up and when I should ween them off of the breast milk. This was an accidental pregnancy so no rude comments please. I genuinely need help.

  2. Athalia Reply:

    i have 5 baby hamsters (2 weeks old)
    1 hamster has 2 eyes open
    the other 4 have one eye open and the other closed.
    what is going on? is it like a birth defect or something?

  3. Bob Reply:

    my baby turtle sleeps with his eyes open and a protective membrane covering the eye. he never completely shuts his eyes. he has been in my tank for only 36 hours. is this an infection? what can be done?

  4. Maurice Reply:

    The dad and another girl mouse are in another cage
    I had a problem with her babies being eaten by her,
    so i moved her out.
    her babies have their eyes open now and are hopping all over the place
    When can i move them back with the other two mice?
    i asked when

  5. Abraam Reply:

    Today is December 23, 2007. My rabbit had 6 babies in the 18th. So, when will the eyes open and when will they start to hop around the cage??

  6. White Raven. Reply:

    After taking one of those 3-D ultrasound it looks like the baby has the eyes opened .

  7. Pavan Reply:

    Hi my rabbit gave birth this morning to 5 babies she has had litters before and this has never happened, the babies all have their eyes open and this usually doesn’t happen until they are 12 to 14 days old. i need a bit of help in describing why this has happened. Thank you.

  8. Babyv22 Reply:

    Y do babys born with their eyes open?

  9. Cute Reply:

    I have 5 baby rabbits which are 13 days old and 4 of the babies eyes are open but there is one and it’s eyes are not open but they look like they have gunk in them , what can I use to wipe them?

  10. Aef Reply:

    My 20 week ultrasound pics were great but I am concerned because the baby’s eyes are open and I have never heard of anyone else having 2d pics with the babies eyes are open…. Any help with this would be great!

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