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When do women start feeling fatigue during pregnancy,?

Many women find they’re exhausted in the first trimester that is the first 12 wks of pregnancy!Getting lots of rest is key! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Arnetta Reply:

    Most women report feeling sleepy at some point during their pregnancy. sleepiness while you are pregnant, you can combat your fatigue in a number of ways. Detail:

  2. Bethany Reply:

    Start by going to bed earlier than usual. And make a habit You may feel like you barely have the energy to make it through the day, let alone exercise. . Q: extreme fatigue in late pregnancy .

  3. Reita Reply:

    During the first months of pregnancy is usually when women start feeling extra hungry. More:

  4. Kenya Reply:

    I felt tired right away. I originally thought that it was because of all the stress I was under. I didn’t really pay attention to any symptoms until I found out I was pregnant. Then I started thinking back and I realized that I was really t… More:

  5. Pilar Reply:

    Due to the strain of pregnancy on the body, fatigue is particularly common during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. More:

  6. Celsa Reply:

    how quickly did you start feeling pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, sore breasts, etc.? I’m curious, all you mothers & mom-to-be out there! :) Share your experience!

  7. Aja Reply:

    Its not a sign of anything going wrong at all! The frequent urination at night is due to the baby lowering and will only get better, lol! I am 33 weeks now and I think I wake up close to every hour and a half or so to go to the bathroom at night! The dreams are also 100% normal! Its in part caused by hormones and in part just first time mommy jitters!!! Ive had some where I delivered a purse, an animal, and then another where I went through 3 days labor and didnt deliver anything!!! lol, its a crazy time emotionally and trying to prepare! Im sure everything is fine with you and your little miracle! As far as the tiredness goes, mine hit again almost as soon as my third trimester started! From then on to now I was absolutely exhausted and most of the time get that way fairly easily now but here in the last week or so it feels like Ive been getting little bursts of energy! In those times, I often find myself in the nursery putting things up, cleaning, washing baby clothes or bed linens!!! or cleaning something in the house! I have this incredible need to clean everything and anything in site!!! from what Ive been told Im in the nesting stage now and its also completely normal! I wish I could tell you that your tiredness will go away but no one on here will be able to tell you either way 100% because every pregnancy is different! If you are anything like me and a few other people Ive talked to then youll be really really tired for the next little while and then start getting these burst of energy where you want to get everything perfect for your baby! Youre more than half way there and you dont have much longer to go!!! for me its flown by! Try not to worry yourself about anything, youre doing great!

  8. Gilda Reply:

    When should a pregnant woman start feeling fatigue? Improve. In: You can still be anonymous; just choose any username and password. Get notified about

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