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When do you start gaining weight when pregnant?

Weight gain is different for each woman and for each pregnancy! The rates also vary from 20 to close to 70! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sau Reply:

    When Do You Start to Show When You're Pregnant? While some women worry about weight gain, others become concerned that their pregnancy may not be Detail:

  2. Estela Reply:

    I started gaining weight around 4 months but I wasn’t really showing until around 7. It was enough that i could tell i was pregnant, but if I was wearing a t-shirt or sweater it covered the bump.

  3. Hilary Reply:

    you begin to gain wait all over after about 2-3 months but depending on how skinny you are you’ll show around the same time or a month or so after. More:

  4. Kerry Reply:

    Weight gain is an important part of pregnancy. Using your pre-pregnancy weight and height, your doctor will describe your healthy range. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you are a healthy weight for your size pre-pregnancy, a healthy weight… More:

  5. Suk Reply:

    Although many women worry about gaining too much weight during pregnancy, some end up having trouble gaining any weight at all. While no woman wants to pack on the pounds while she is expecting, the fact is it’s healthy to gain some weight…. More:

  6. Alma Reply:

    when do you start gaining weight like a cow!!! im bloated and most of im three weeks and feel when you are pregnant? i was just wondering bc my pants are tight.

  7. Vita Reply:

    It usually isnt until the 2nd trimester! She may be bloating since her period is coming up! she can always take a test to be sure!

  8. Bernice Reply:

    When do you start gaining pregnancy weight? You may have gained a couple of pounds at the begining but when you are about five to seven months along is

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