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When do You Take Mifepristone

You may have such questions as What Is Mifepristone and How Much Does Mifepristone Cost,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Much Is Mifepristone. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Side Effects of Mifepristone,too. Read more as following:

Mifepristone is an abortion pill and it is taken during the first part of pregnancy, particularly up to 49 days before the last menstrual period. It is usually used together with Misoprostol.

What is Mifepristone?

Mifepristone is used to end pregnancy in women who have been pregnant for 49 days or less. It works by blocking a hormone that is necessary for pregnancy to continue.... More »

How Much does Mifepristone Cost?

Mifepristone is used to abort an early pregnancy or prevent one from taking place. Mifepristone costs about $720. This medication is called the "abortion pill", but it is also used to treat other things like ectopic pregnancies.... More »

How much is mifepristone?

You can't just take Mifepristone but need it in a combo with Misoprostol so the embryo comes out. A medical abortion cost in average $400 in the USA.... More »

What is the price of Mifepristone?

At Planned Parenthood, Mifepristone costs about $350-$650 and the prize changes depending on where you go. Hospitals are usually more expensive. For more information, see more in related link below.... More »

What kind of pill is mifepristone?

It's aka RU486 and ends a pregnancy together with another pill that is taken the day before RU486. Mifepristone blocks the hormone progesterone, which causes the lining of the uterus to break down and end the pregnancy.... More »

How much the mifepristone in the Philippines?

You can only buy it from the black market which is very unsafe and I think it's only Cytotec but under a different name. Better to get it from a safe site like womenonwaves or womenonweb where you also get to see a doctor online and they do follow up... More »


  1. Cutie Pie Reply:

    My wife took 1 Mifepristone 200mg tablet of MTP Kit (Cipla) on May 25,2012 time 11 PM but even today at 3 pm still she is not bleeding, she is not any sensation also.
    When she will be getting bleeding / when tablet will start working?

    Please advise us. Thanks.

  2. Denise Reply:

    i took it yesterday at 7 am and i havent bleed or anything i just have like brown stuff comming out, i took 600 gm of mifepristone.

  3. Hannah<33 Reply:

    The drug is also called Mifepristone.

    I would have thought that this drug would have prevented 90% of surgical abortions

  4. Prince Fraser Reply:

    i was just wondering if you could but mifepristone and misoprostol over the counter and if so what store can i get them at?

  5. Asking Questions Reply:

    what happen if men are used mifepristone and misoprostol 200mg

  6. Barish Reply:

    If i use mifepristone and misoprostol tablel after 63 days of gestation than what will heppen ?

  7. Eric James Reply:

    i just have 10 tablets of prostokos and 1 mifepristone and i could not get any more expect that sum because in my country it is not allowed?!! what can i do for my girl?

  8. Marcus Reply:

    i took pill Mifepristone morning empty stomach i take pill after 25mintuts i omited a lot. does its work?
    what can i do?

  9. Cherish Reply:

    where can i buy mifepristone in the philippines? does it require doctors’ prescription?

  10. Emma – Lee Reply:

    I am 23 year old and took mifepristone on Sunday morning by 5am please which day will I take the remaining misoprotol for about 5 weeks pregnancy. And should i expect bleeding on this first set pills or on second set please?

  11. Jeraco Reply:

    If i use mifepristone and misoprostol tablel than there is any risk about death or else ?

  12. Loving~mu~amor Reply:

    Hi, I was watching the video on youtube “The abortion pill” And I got curious about it. What is Mifepristone used for other than abortion? What happens if men take it? Now before you start protesting, I’am not getting an abortion! I’am not even pregnant, just curious about the pill.

  13. White Raven. Reply:

    Taking mifepristone tablet but dont want to go through with it is it to late?

  14. Chloe Izzinberg Reply:

    I heard a debate about reversing the mifepristone shots if you do progesterone shots. Is this true? If so, how soon are the shots needed. I’m curious because I can’t find a lot online?

  15. Guinea Pig Hamster Reply:

    Is there any one who knows how to use mifepristone and misoprostol for medical abortion?

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