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When does your stomach get bigger when your pregnant?

Normally a woman starts to show during 4-6 months of her pregnancy! A doctors appointment is probably a good idea before then! Cha Any Suggestions here?


  1. Pei Reply:

    If you are exhibiting any of these symptoms you may be pregnant. Go through the following steps making note of your answers. Does the smell of something you normally enjoy turn your stomach (i.e., frying meat Fire-bellied toads are approximately two inches big and are typically green with black spots on their back. Detail:

  2. Lakesha Reply:

    I am 18 weeks and 3 days gone, still not sure if i can feel my baby moving. on back waist and my waist line get bigger and bigger, im i really pregnant or what

  3. Loida Reply:

    You might start to notice your stomach making a bulge around 12 weeks. This is just when your uterus is making its way just above the pelvic bone. Obvious growth may happen after that and will be noticeable at 20 weeks when the uterus is at… More:

  4. Eugenia Reply:

    A pregnant stomach looks larger than normal. Towards the beginning months, it may not be noticable that you are pregnany. It depends on your body shape and size. Once a couple months do go by and you are nearing the 5-6 months, your belly w… More:

  5. Etsuko Reply:

    On average your stomach will grow 1 cm a week. At 3 months you are 12 weeks so you should measure 12 cm. Every woman and baby is different so you may be smaller or bigger. More:

  6. Renee Reply:

    I need help

  7. Eleonor Reply:

    Its just bloat, in a few weeks itll be from your uterus pushing everything else upwards to make room for itself!

  8. Ai Reply:

    What does your belly feel like at 5 weeks pregnant? Answer it! Relevant answers: If you are overweight and stomach starts to get big are you pregnant?

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