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When your pregnant how early do you have food cravings?

Cravings are based on your own pregnancy! Many have cravings 2-3 weeks and some will never experience any cravings at all! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Anastasia Reply:

    While a pregnancy test can give you a definite positive or negative answer to your question or changes in appetite, such as food cravings, can be a pregnancy symptom. Always see your physician or midwife if you suspect you may be pregnant. If you have a negative pregnancy test result, but continue to have any of Detail:

  2. Margaret Reply:

    Aug 27, 2007 How soon do food cravings start? I had no real "cravings" early on in my pregnancy, except I was thirsty ALL THE TIME!! Now that I’m 20

  3. Taryn Reply:

    I’m 23weeks & haven’t had cravings yet more like food aversions than anything else. I think it’s a little early for signs of pregnancy, wait & see if your period is late then take a pregnancy test Good luck :) More:

  4. Latrisha Reply:

    Spotting can happen w/in 2 weeks of conception w/ the egg attaching to the wall of the uterus. Other signs can start as well. More:

  5. Fernanda Reply:

    Food cravings during pregnancy can start right away. Nausea and morning sickness can contribute to whether it is a strong craving More:

  6. Trang Reply:

    How early into a pregnancy can food cravings? I’ve been noticing some WEIRD food stand balhblah but only few cravings for food i cant you begin to experience weird weeks after

  7. Bambi Reply:

    At 25 weeks, the pregnancy would be obvious! And if youve taken a bunch of tests and they were negative, you can rest assured that youre not pregnant! It sounds to me like youre having some psychological issues that are probably a direct result of being raped! Do your parents know?? I would seriously consider talking to someone if I were you!

  8. Avery Reply:

    What are the common reason of early pregnancy among teenager? Answer it! What color is Can you have food cravings and not know you are pregnant? Yes .

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