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Why do girl’s have a period?

The menstrual cycle is the series of changes a woman’s body goes through to prepare for a pregnancy! About once a month, the uterus grows a new lining to get ready for a fertilized egg ! When there is no fertilized egg to start a pregnancy, the uterus sheds its lining! This is the monthly menstrual bleeding or the period! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Martin Reply:

    Can You Get Pregnant Without Having a Period?. Young girls are often led to believe that pregnancy is impossible before they get their first period. They are Detail:

  2. Hee Reply:

    Girls get periods so that our bodies can clean out the unused eggs that were produced and released but not fertilized. The eggs need somewhere to go and the only way to get them out of our bodies is through the vagina. More:

  3. Magdalena Reply:

    The inner lining of the uterus is shed during a girl’s period. The lining and blood are expelled. There is a release of certain hormones during this time and may be responsible for changes in mood and abdominal cramping. More:

  4. Mafalda Reply:

    Girls period is a part of adolescenes stages that goes into motherhood. It is menstrual monthly cycle that releases discharges it could be in light red, dark red, brown or black colors. More:

  5. Chris Reply:

    The ratio of boys to girls is 6:5 in 1 first-period class and 3:5 in a 2nd first-period class. Rest of q below? If the school does not permit class sizes to bless than 10 stud

  6. Bethel Reply:

    I think its strange how someone your age would be asking this question on the internet but what the hell! I am 21 now, started my period at age 11 or 12, think it was 12, and I thought it was cool, Its like, the mark that makes you no longer a child but a woman! But just because you have started your periods does not make you anymore womanly, they have likely most started puberty and will start to have their periods too! The ones who havent started their periods will be eager to start as they want to be the same as the other girls! Unfortunately for you, you started early, so youve had pain the longest! The ones who will start later on will skip years of period pains but will go on to have a perfectly normal cycle! But when u start your period it does make the individual feel more grown up! I take it you are, erm, a bit bigger than your friends to have started that early! Some girl racheal in my class in Primary started her period your age, she felt very upset about it because she was the odd one out which is most likely what you felt, as its not common for girls to start their periods at the age of nine (very young!) unless your tall, broad etc! The ones who are waiting to start their periods are likely very petite and very slim, they may need to fill out a bit more before they start!

  7. Priscilla Reply:

    so she can have babies, her eggs. When does a girl have there period? About once every 4 weeks, starting at the age of 11 to 15. Why does a girl have their

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