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Why does my stomach hurt for two days straight?

There could be a variety of reasons your stomach hurts for two days straight! There could be a slight chance of pregnancy, infection or ulcer! You should seek medical attention to be properly diagnosed! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mariann Reply:

    Abdominal muscles may be strained during a forceful activity such as lifting 30 minutes every 3 to 4 hours for the first 2 or 3 days or until it stops hurting. you can bend at the waist and then straighten back up again without pain. 4. Call your caregiver if the pain from your abdominal strain does not let up within a few days. Detail:

  2. Cathleen Reply:

    I also haven’t taken a good **** like I usually do atleast 3 times a day, been stomach has never hurt for 2 days straight though,

  3. Jessia Reply:

    you’re gunna have to call up yo’ babies daddy in juvie. More:

  4. Providencia Reply:

    Quit complaining. At least you HAVE sex! More:

  5. Thao Reply:

    You should go to the doctor. You could have a simple stomach virus, or gas. But it could be more. Check WebMD also. Thanks! More:

  6. Erica Reply:

    Why does my stomach hurt this? Age:15 and a half height:5’3 weight-105-110 changes often Lately i havent days after i wake up been eating regually. Actually for about a year

  7. Carmelita Reply:

    Periods can be late for all sorts of reasons: stress, irregular ovulation, diet, excercise! If yours has not become regular yet, theres really no reason to be concerned if you havent been tracking them anyway! Over time they should become predictable, sometimes women go on the birth control pill to regulate their hormones and periods more regular!Tender breasts are normal from time to time, probably just growing pains! Cramps are also normal! Acid reflux is rally dependent on your diet! If youre concerned about any of this, just go to your doctor!Pregnancy doesnt spontaneously occur! A sperm and an egg have to make contact for pregnancy to happen! Nothing else can cause it!

  8. Rosana Reply:

    My stomach has been hurting for two days straight.? Improve. In: Pain Your neck has been hurting for days what can you do? go to a doctor,and find out

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