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Why are Psychiatrists Called Shrinks

You may have such questions as How Much Money Do Psychiatrists Make and Why Are Psychiatrists Called Shrinks,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Is A Psychiatrist Called A Shrink. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to List of Psychiatrist in My Area,too. Read more as following:

A psychiatrist is thought to be called a shrink as a disrespectful comparison to tribal people who made shrunken heads. The original insult is “head shrinker” when referring to a psychiatrist.

How Much Money do Psychiatrists Make?

According to the Bureau if Labor and Statistics, Psychiatrists make a median salary of $154,200 a year or $74/hour. Psychiatrists help to treat and diagnose disorders of the mind.... More »

Why are Psychiatrists Called Shrinks?

Psychiatrists were given the nickname shrinks because they were often compared to ancient head shrinkers. The term originated as a derogatory term because head shrinkers usually shrunk the heads of their enemies before killing them, but the term has... More »

Why is a psychiatrist called a shrink?

From a comparison between psychiatrists and headshrinkers - tribal members who ...... More »

Why are psychiatrists sometimes called "shrinks?

from the word headshrinker and i am being serious. Calling a psychiatrist a shrink came about from a comparison between psychiatrists and headshrinkers - a term give to tribal members from way back in the day who shrunk the heads of their enemies aft... More »

Why is a psychologist or psychiatrist called a shrink?

Calling a psychiatrist a shrink came about from a comp...... More »

Why do they call psychiatrists shrinks?

Calling a psychiatrist a shrink came about from a comparison between psychiatrists and heads...... More »


  1. Dsfsdf Reply:

    I am not going to be in college anytime soon but I’m not going to have any insurance for my health at all. That means I’ll have to pay a lot of money for my pills, psychiatrist and psychologist. How can I get insurance if I’m not going to be a student?

  2. Esther Reply:

    i have an appointment today with a psychiatrist for a mental exam about my ssi and i am very nervous about answering the questions. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Kauai Reply:

    Where did this slang originate from?

  4. Omar Reply:

    I ask because the MD is the onlyy degree required to practice as a physician. My new pschiatrist is an MD and a PsyD? How do you think this will, if it will, improve him as a psychiatrist?

  5. Halfdarainbow Reply:

    I think its called Green something. At the end he’s in the car in the parking deck suffocating from carbon monoxide. His friend smashes the window and pulls him out the car. I hope this helps, so please help me.

  6. Amanda Harmon Reply:

    is it to do with shrinking your brain?
    i meant psychiatrist!

  7. Scorpio Reply:

    I called every shrink in my insurance network and all are not accepting new patients til Feb 2010. If I see a family doctor is there a good chance they will prescribe me antidepressants?

  8. Menime Reply:

    I feel the need to talk to someone but scheduling appointments with a psychiatrist is too costly and time consuming. Does anyone have any good references? I want it to be confidential.

  9. Suraj Reply:

    do psychiatrist give their opinion regarding a person and what they have told them about their past?

    why so?

  10. Moengaroa Reply:

    I have issues i would like to get past as many of us do.However i know some therapists specialize in ceratin areas.
    Also im not that well versed on what different types of shrinks there are nd which ones i should be considering??
    Background: on mild antideprresents/mental abuse issues ….

  11. Nagaraju Reply:

    Sorry, I’ve just always wondered, but don’t know where to find the answer, so thanks for answering :)

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