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is there nicotine in marijuana

You may have similar questions as Does Marijuana Contain Nicotine and Is There Nicotine in Pot,or you may also seek several useful information about Why Is Marijuana Illegal But Not Nicotine. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Marijuana Show up in a Nicotine Test,too. Read more as following:

There is no nicotine in the illegal drug marijuana. The active ingredient in the plant marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. It contains about 400 other chemicals but none of them are nicotine.

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Does marijuana contain nicotine?

no marijuana doesnt have nicotine, only if you shop tobacco with it:) but i do suggest however, that if you already smoke weed while smoking cigs to try and quit both… that what i gotta do:( because everytime i have a bowl or a joint i always want… More »

What does more damage for you? Nicotine or pot?

OMG! Good luck with working this issue out. I’m sorry i can’t be of any help. I am so sympathetic to you…. More »

Why is Marijuana illegal but not Nicotine?

Those tobacco companies are rich as hell. Embed Quote… More »

Do cigars contain nicotine?

Most cigars have as much nicotine as several cigarettes. When cigar smokers inhale, nicoti…… More »

What is worse for you: marijuana or nicotine?

Nicotine: 40–60 mg (0.5-1.0 mg/kg) can be a lethal dosage for adult humans. Tetrahydrocannabinol: One estimate indicates that about 1,500 pounds (680 kg) of cannabis would have to be smoked within 14 minutes to achieve a lethal dose. Pick your poison… More »

will nicotine show up in a blood test?

No it wont show up and neither will any drugs unless they are specifically chec…… More »

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  1. Kat N says:

    I am talking about any kind of drugs (prescription, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, opium, etc).

    Thanks for your answer.

  2. Beth says:

    Im addicted to nicotine, marijuana, valium, and alcohol. I want to live a better life and get away from anything other then these four vices. Whats the best way to prepare for a strong cold turkey?

  3. Asking Questions says:

    i’m going to a party soon and i’m on codeine pills, i’d like to drink but i’m worried there may be side effects? what about other recreational drugs like nicotine, marijuana or caffeine?
    thanks so much!

  4. Iblondi says:

    I’m writing an essay and would like to know if “nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana” are proper nouns. Thanks a bunch for your help.

  5. Kelly Clegg says:

    I’ve read that the withdrawal from alcohol can be fatal and from what people have written about withdrawing from alcohol/heroin/meth it seems extremely painful. Why don’t drugs like nicotine and marijuana cause such severe withdrawal?

  6. Nerdy Hipster says:

    If marijuana didn’t kill anyone while tobacco killed millions, what is the difference between smoking marijuana and tobacco on your lungs?

  7. Marybeth says:

    I understand that Marijuana is addictive, and I’m afraid. I smoke it occasionally and was wondering how long it would take for one to become addicted so I don’t become one of those people. Help?

  8. James says:

    Is it because when people smoke marijuana they stop when they’re to high, or that they don’t need to smoke every 30 minutes.

  9. Cristiane says:

    As a non-smoker, I’m against marijuana legalization because it’s more harmful and addictive than tobacco and alcohol and everyone who smokes it is a cold-blooded criminal who isn’t fit enough to be in society. Everyone who says it should be legalized is a stoner.

  10. Chrombutterfly says:

    Over the past year i have become a social smoker. 3 or 4 at the weekend if i’m really drunk. anyway i haven’t smoked in about 3 weeks and i have to attend a saliva test for life insurance so i’m looking for some info on nicotine

  11. Talia says:

    I need help please. I need to know how to quit marijuana/cannabis.

    Please just don’t say quit or anything as simple as that because I have tried and tried and tried. Help please. Or do you know any good links to help. Please!

  12. Roxy says:

    Maybe not just nicotine but any other subsidies, what do you think?

  13. Jordan says:

    Just doing a little research on marijuana but there are so many sites that say the opposite things, Im not sure if some are just saying its worse because of its social status and its legality. Im just looking for the truth

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