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What does a Sunflower Represent

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Sunflowers have come to mean allot of different things depending on what part of the world you are in. The Chinese see them as a symbol of longevity. In 1996, it was designated as a symbol of a nuclear weapons free world.

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What does a sunflower symbolize?

You must be close to Kansas. Answer positive attitude, happiness, fun Answer we think both way 1. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty and wishes 2. Sunflowers: As a flower which blindly follows the sun, sunflowers have become a symbol of infatuation or fool… More »

What is the meaning behind Vincent Van Goghs painting sunflowers?

the meaning behind Vincent van goghs painting sunflowers is that he shows his emotions that how he feels… More »

What do sunflowers represent?

Sunflowers can represent whatever you want them to represent. They have been used for everything from veganism to peace to the Green movement to an optimistic outlook on like…. More »

What does the sunflower represent?

The Sunflower represents peace,love and war…. More »

What do the sunflowers represent in The Tree of Life ending?

The Tree of Life has rightly been called impressionistic by many critics, in that many moments seems to exist purely to evoke a certain mood or convey stream-of-consciousness impressions of boyhood and other aspects of life. While the sunflowers may… More »

How is phi represented in a sunflower?

Pi, the Greek letter, and American number (3.14159265) can be used to determine…… More »

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  1. Rachael says:

    I’d chose a sunflower cause it’s bright, fun, and happy.

  2. Lauryn says:

    Inspired by the movie “Calendar Girls”.

    As the sun moves sunflowers face the sunlight.

    Why do you think that is?

    What does this say about life if anything?

  3. Korn says:

    so i’m planning on getting a tattoo for my immediate family. (mom, dad, and brother) i want to get 4 flowers or symbols that represent us. (preferably flowers because i love them and they’re girly) so what flowers could represent family or loyalty? thanks!

  4. Clara says:

    I am getting a black and Gray tattoo of a flower bush that will represent each member in my family. What flower should i get, that wont look girly, and that will be a good representation of my family.

  5. Gsmom says:

    I feed her with birdseed, sunflower seeds, oats, millet, fruit and vegetables… She’s 2 years old but I don’t wanna let her breed if it represents a danger for her. What I should do?

  6. Shelbipeak says:

    Like don’t certain months represent gems and flowers? What does June and September mean?

  7. Sloan says:

    I need a poem that brings a feeling of ecstasy or represents the feeling, also by a known artist.

  8. Milvia says:

    Ah! Sunflower is in Songs of Experience and I don’t know what its sister poem in Songs of Innocence is.

  9. Jumper! says:

    One object for each of the 12 months of the year.
    Tempting, tempting, mister forrestfyre.

    But I think I’ll just report you instead. It’s just as petty, but a lot more effective.

  10. Smirdy_smird says:

    thanks a lot

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