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How Much does It Cost to Rent Furniture

You may have similar questions as Where Can I Rent Furniture and How To Rent Furniture,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Rent Office Furniture. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Aarons Rent to Own Furniture,too. Read more as following:

It all depends on what kind of furniture you want to rent. It also depends on what place you go to, to rent the furnature. You can go to rent a center to rent furniture.

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Where can I Rent Furniture?

There is a store called rent-a-center that allows people to rent furniture. You can rent all kinds of great furniture with them and their prices are reasonable…. More »

How to rent furniture?

1. Decide if renting furniture is for you. Renting furniture is convenient for a business, commercial or a private resident if it will be needed for 2 years or less. 2. Search for dealers that rent furniture, either locally where you can actually go… More »

How to rent office furniture?

1. Look at total furniture needs. When it comes to either renting or buying items for any business space, whether large or small, volume is a very important key to success. Get too much and the business budget gets overburdened; get too little and pr… More »

How to rent home furniture?

1. Set a monthly budget that you can afford to spend on furniture. While furniture is important in any home, you shouldn’t rent more furniture than you can afford. Keep things basic–such as a couch, dining set, bed and dresser. Look at the space ava… More »

How Much does It Cost to Rent a Porta John?

Depending on where the porta john will be placed, whether at a construction site or special event, they can ranged between $65-100. That encludes drop-off, pick-up, and delivery fees…. More »

How Much does It Cost to Rent a RV?

Renting an RV can be a pretty hefty expense. Beginning with the rent itself, which can run anywhere from $120 to $176 or more a night, you will have to add to that other expenses, such as the mileage charge (around .49 or more a mile), insurance, and… More »

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  1. Macy says:

    I’m thinking of visiting Kansas for a while. Maybe a couple months. But how much does it cost to rent furniture for a 1 bedroom apt? How much does it cost where you are? How much is it in general?

  2. Sphynx Lover says:

    I live in Ohio and I’m thinking about getting an apartment in Glendale while I am in college. What’s the average cost of rent, furniture, utilities, food & personal items?

  3. Blues Einhander says:

    I would only be renting it to pick up a big screen TV and to move an entertainment system and possibly a couple of couches to a house about ten minutes from me. I’d probably be traveling ten miles tops. About how much money would it cost to rent a truck?

  4. Tamara says:

    I have a home in Manila and need to rent items such as sofa, beds, washer, stove, refrigerator. Where can I find such items for rent?

  5. Sycokittie says:

    I will be moving out with a friend so we will be splitting the cost of rent. I will need to pay for cell phone bill, gas, car insurance, food, etc. and about how much money will be needed furniture and everything?

  6. Pythonminion says:

    Where can I find a cheap moving company to rent a truck to move my furniture from Akron, OH to Dallas, TX.

  7. Nina.libra says:

    We are staging a room in our home that we are selling as a sitting room and were thinking about renting furniture. Rentacenter does not have prices on their website, and we were looking for a ballpark number before we drive out there. We are in PA.

  8. Rika says:

    Selling a vacant condo, but don’t want to hire a stager. Where can I rent high-end furniture in Seattle and how much it would cost? Or is it easier to hire a stager?

  9. Tracy says:

    I just recently moved into a house don’t have a lot of furniture and one of my in-laws in staying with us for a long weekend. I am thinking of renting a bed, but was curious if anyone has any idea of what I’ll spend.

  10. Maweeuhh says:

    I will be moving out with a friend so we will split the cost of rent. I’ll need to pay for gas, food, car insurance, cell phone bill, etc

  11. Roxanne Warner says:

    thank you

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