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How to Tell if It a Boy Or Girl

You may have similar questions as How Can You Tell If A Boy Likes A Girl and How To Tell If It Is A Boy Or A Girl,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Tell If A Clam Is A Boy Or Girl. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Boy or Girl Quiz,too. Read more as following:

To tell if it is a boy or girl can't be determined until the day of birth. You can also have an ultra sound administered to determined the sex.

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How can you tell if a boy likes a girl?

Does he look at you more often than normal if he does chances are he likes you…… More »

How to Tell if It Is a Boy or a Girl

Parents who are expecting a child often want to know if they will be having a boy or a girl. However, this knowledge should not be pursued frivolously or used to eliminate an undesired gender, but be part of a woman’s comprehensive obstetric health…. More »

How to tell if a clam is a boy or girl?

1. Open the halves of the clam’s shell if it is not already open for you. Use a pair of pliers to carefully pull apart the halves. Pull just enough so that a thin blade can be inserted between the halves. 2. Insert a sharp scalpel between the halves,… More »

How to tell if a cockatoo is a boy or a girl?

1. Check the beak. If you have a black cockatoo, inspect the beak to find identifiers. The male beaks are black and the females’ are white or horn-colored. 2. Check the irises of a large cockatoo. A male will have dark-brown or black irises, while th… More »

am I Carrying a Boy Or Girl?

The best way to tell the sex of your unborn child is to schedule an ultrasound with your OBGYN…. More »

How to tell if a betta is a boy or a girl?

1. Let the fish grow older. When bettas are babies, even experienced owners have trouble telling them apart. As the fish get older, their bodies will change and they will begin displaying different behaviors based on their sex. The most obvious of th… More »

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  1. Roland Pike Iii says:

    I got two panther geckos how do you tell boy from girl?

  2. Loving~mu~amor says:

    Lately I’ve begun to shop at hot topic, hollister, american eagle, etc. They don’t seem to have a section of the store for boy clothes and another for girl clothes. There more mixed in. I’ve had trouble telling apart the boy and girl clothes. Any body know how I can tell them apart?

  3. Molly says:

    Sometimes icant tell when boys/girls haave a crush on me ]
    btw im a girl and i need more contacts

  4. Jill Gardner says:

    I’ve seen some parents be more sympathetic towards their daughters for little boo-boos. I don’t discriminate- unless there’s blood I tell boys and girls they’re fine and to walk it off.

  5. Sonya says:

    How do you tell a boy from a girl? For a hummingbird?

  6. Jonathan says:

    I had babies many times before, but I still am seeming to have trouble to tell boy from girl. Help!!!

  7. Luke says:

    My friend is giving away kittens they are 6 weeks and are ready 4 homes I want a boy cat so how do you tell a boy from a girl? I got told u gotta lift up “flaps” or sumthin.Should i just ring the vet? so if anyone knows please let me know :)


  8. Cool Story says:

    I’m getting a Mississippi map turtle and was wondering how I can tell its a boy or girl.

  9. Shauneill Kyle says:

    How do you tell a boy puppy from a girl puppy?

  10. Maweeuhh says:

    I have one mystery snail but I want to buy more and I need to know how to tell if they are boy or girl and how do I breed them??? Don’t say that they are asexual because mystery snails are not asexual.

  11. Xai says:

    In this day and age, how many people do you know, or know of who was told what they were having at the scan and at birth it was wrong? Which way round was it, told boy, had girl? Or other way?

  12. Haley says:

    Well i just want to no how to tell a boy rat from a girl rat cause if i decide i want to breed them then ill no if they are girls or boys so someone please juist answer my question!

  13. Xsara says:

    In this day and age, how many people do you know, or know of who was told what they were having at the scan and at birth it was wrong? Which way round was it, told boy, had girl? Or other way?

  14. Barrelracer0997 says:

    How can i breed angelfish? I still havent bought any angels. I wanna breed them but i dont know how to.Hoe many eggs do they lay?How can i tell them boys from girls?

  15. Laranda Jordan says:

    My sister’s cat just had kittens and my partner and I will be adopting one. My sister’s partner said on the phone he couldn’t tell the difference between boys and girls. Wouldn’t it be much like a dog? Having either a penis or a ‘vulva’?
    We want a boy so what should we look for?

  16. Eric James says:

    My cat just had 5 kittens and I can’t tell if they are boys or girls.

  17. Anthony Monteleone says:

    I have 1 big green fire belly toad and 1 small brown fire belly toad. How do I tell if there boys or girls? I need to know ASAP soo please HELP.

  18. Nikki says:

    Does anyone know if they are old enough to tell if they are boy or girl when they are still in the pet store? I know I want to get two boys because I don’t want to breed them. Also what to look for? I’ll probably get them from a petsmart.

  19. Superwaffleman57 says:

    How do you tell the difference from a boy and girl molly?Because I had a one that had fry but it didnt have that fin going down like platties,swordtails and guppies. But her fry have it down. They are almost 6 weeks old are they all girls?

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