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Where do Brazil Nuts Come from

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Brazil nuts are the seed of the fruit of a South American tree which is in the Lecythidaceae family. These nuts grow inside the fruit arranged in the same way the segments of an orange are arranged.

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Where do Brazil Nuts Come from?

Brazil nuts come from the Guianas, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, east Peru and east Bolivia. The Brazil nut tree grows about 100-150 feet…. More »

What is a brazil nut?

Brazil nuts come from trees in the Amazon rain forest called Bertholletia excelsa, or B. excelsa. Most Brazil nuts, not surprisingly, come from Brazil. However, they also grow in other countries, including Mexico and Venezuela. The Brazil nut tree ha… More »

How to germinate brazil nuts?

1. Buy a few Brazil nuts, in the shell, at the grocery store. Choose nuts that are fresh, dry and hard as a bone. If the nuts show any signs of mold or fungus, put them back. 2. Fill a flowerpot with garden sand, and add enough water to moisten it th… More »

How to grow brazil nuts?

1. Preserve an area of rainforest where Brazil nut trees can sustain. If the area has been decimated, allow several years for the ecosystem to rebalance. A recent New York Times article has noted that rainforests regenerate much more easily than prev… More »

How to shell brazil nuts?

1. Boil four cups of water in a medium-sized pot on your stove top. 2. Add 10-12 Brazil nuts to boiling water. 3. Boil the Brazil nuts for approximately three minutes. This will shrink the meat in the shell and make it easier to remove. 4. Remove the… More »

How are brazil nuts grown?

A Brazil nut tree’s flowers must be pollinated in order to produce Brazil nuts. The flowers have a complicated coiled hood that only the female Euglossine bee is capable of pollinating. To attract the female bees, flowering plants (usually orchids) a… More »

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  1. Galaxxii says:

    I have a Chinchilla and a hamster. I always like to buy small bags of sunflower seeds and mixed nuts. The mixed nuts I just bought have Brazil nuts and Hazelnuts. I was wondering if it would be ok to feed them to my hamster and chinchilla. Anything you have will be helpful.

  2. Claire says:

    How come Brazil Nuts seem to taste a bit like dirt and other nuts mainly taste the same (except for macademias they are the bomb) ? Nuts dont ever grow on the ground do they? And is there really a percentage allowance for cockroaches in chocolate?

  3. Kelleygaither2000 says:

    So I bought a bag of mixed nuts and I steamed some cabbage , cauliflower, brocolli and carrot and buck choy and I want to eat it all together. Is 1/2 cup or 1/4 cup of mixed nuts a good quantity for an everning meal? I’m new to this whole vegetarian thing.
    Thanks Bink:)

  4. Annabel says:

    … and then all that comes out is a tiny little nugget like a chocolate covered brazil nut?

  5. Joe Mccanon says:

    cashews, almonds, pecans, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and filberts.They’re called mixed nuts and they come in like a jar.

    What are the fattest benefits and cons?

  6. Tekere says:

    You can walnuts, almonds, brazilian nuts, peanuts etc. in shells, but I have never seen a cashew in a shell.

  7. Gaz says:

    Should they be roasted first to make it easier to get the nutmeat out?
    Or are they simply not ripe enough?

  8. Marcello says:

    It’s totaly even, no flaws. I cant imagine any method to do it like that. any answers?

  9. Aimee Ilson says:

    So I now Rio tends to me wild and nuts as it is but do you think it would be fun to go during the 2014 world cup? Pros and cons would be nice.

  10. Jodi Colton says:

    PIne nuts – seed or nut?
    Coconut – seed or nut?

  11. Tegtmeier55 says:

    Is that an ok amount of calories to eat considering the exercise? Im looking to lose weight, but in a healthy way so it wont come back easily.

  12. Jazzeei Lady says:

    When you think of Brazil what comes into your mind first?

    beautiful girls?

  13. Applepop64 says:

    I have everything I need BUT the dang vanilla extract! What is the point of it, will the cookies come out too odd if I leave it out? Or can I replace it with something?

  14. Nagaraju says:

    So I know many vegans like 99% depend on soy based meat subsitute products, so if you came allergic to these what would you eat?

    and to those vegetarians who don’t eat soy what do you eat?

  15. Ivy Has Twin Boys! says:

    Walnuts, Pistachios? what else?
    Thank you everyone! everyone gave great answers!

  16. Petros says:


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