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What Causes Tarnish

You may have similar questions as What Causes Silver to Tarnish and What Causes Copper To Tarnish,or you may also seek several useful information about What Are The Causes Of A Tarnished Silver Plate. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to What Causes Tarnish on Copper,too. Read more as following:

Tarnish is a chemical reaction that is usually caused by the oxidation of metals. Pure metals like gold and silver don't tarnish, which is why they make good jewelry.

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What Causes Silver to Tarnish?

Silver tarnishes when there is hydrogen sulfide present in it. Hydrogen sulfide comes from wool, rubber bands, paint, latex, eggs, or onions…. More »

What causes copper to tarnish?

Despite the cost, copper garden ornaments are worth the investment because copper handles exposure to sun and water well. Some copper roofs have lasted centuries and the Statue of Liberty, which gets its famous green color from the verdigris on its c… More »

What are the causes of a tarnished silver plate?

Acidic food can cause silver plates to tarnish. According to Linda Cobb in the book "How the Queen Cleans Everything, mayonnaise, broccoli, salad dressing, tomatoes, onions, fish, egg yolk and mustard are some of the top offenders. According to Jeff… More »

What causes motorcycle exhausts to tarnish?

The discoloration of a chromed exhaust pipe is caused by excessive heat buildup within the pipe. This is normally associated with a lean air-fuel setting within the carburetors or fuel-injection system. A lean condition is created when the system mix… More »

Why Do metals tarnish?

im in my sceince lesson now and its a layer of corrosion that causes the metal to rust or errode… More »

How do I make new brass stuff look tarnished and old?

Head to the paint dept of The Home Depot or Lowes. There are kits there that are made for that purpose…. More »

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  1. Liam says:

    what causes tarnishing and what kind of chemical reaction is it? Need an answer ASAP!!

  2. Brandon Bukre says:

    what causes tarnishing and what kind of chemical reaction is it? Need an answer ASAP!!

  3. Kong Kong says:

    I have some sterling items that I want to clean with silver cleaner and then pack so they won’t tarnish. I know oils from your hands cause tarnish, but does oxygen/time tarnish silver too? Is there any way to clean and the store these items without having them tarnish?

  4. Xsweetestx says:

    I have a 24 carat gold chain,and at the bottom i attached
    a silver Cross (92.5%)
    is this okay,will the two metals react and cause tarnish or corrosion?

  5. Sonicfan says:

    I have a sterling silver necklace that I want to wear all the time, will this cause it to tarnish quicker? What about wearing it in the shower? Any care tips?
    Thanks in advance :)

  6. Brat says:

    I’ve tried a silver polish and a soft cloth on my tarnished silver heart pendant, but the finish is still dull. Can I return it to its original luster? I’ve only worn it a few times and read about how perspiration causes the tarnishing.

  7. Pans X says:

    We have gold effect taps in the bathroom and have been told not to use cleaners on them as this will cause them to tarnish. We have tried weak solution washing up liquid but they are still losing the gold look – can anyone advise what I can try to restore them. Thanks

  8. Aries says:

    Will silver polish with tarnish removing chemicals work with a silver coin?
    I have a silver coin that has a little bit of tarnish. I need to clean it, so will silver polish work or will it ruin it?

  9. Hannah A says:

    What would happen to the stainless steel container? Will the oven heat cause it to tarnish or warp?

  10. Ashraf says:

    We accidentally tarnished (only a little bit) some very old gold plated silverware given to us by my great-grandmother. It’s beautiful silverware, and it would be a shame if the tarnish had to stay. Is there anyway to remove the tarnish?

  11. Elyluv says:

    I recently bought a 1969 Plymouth Barracuda, and the coated plastic bezels and edgings on the dash are tarnished and covered with some sort of build-up. What is the best way to clean them up and polish them?

  12. Person says:

    My flute has been getting small black rings and is turning black in places where I don’t put my fingers to play, is it tarnishing? How do I get it off?

  13. Sahkinah Washington says:

    Some of my silverware has small splotches of rust on them. Is this harmful? What causes this? Does it make a difference if I wash them in my dishwasher or by hand? Thanks.

  14. Chrombutterfly says:

    I have a metal figure that has taken on the look and feel of stone. It was a shiny silvery color when i got it.
    What might have caused this? And is it reversible?
    I don’t believe it’s tarnish. I’ve owned a lot of jewelry in the past that tarnished. It literally feels just like rock.

  15. Bigg says:

    I just did a science fair project on how soda effects the tooth enamel, and I did it with tarnished pennies. I need a research paper and in that paper I want a little bit of detail with this. Can someone please help?

  16. Jack Nicholson says:


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