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What does a Sweet Gum Tree Look Like

You may have similar questions as What Does a Sweet Gum Tree Leaf Look like and How Do I Sterilize Sweet Gum Trees,or you may also seek several useful information about What Is A Sweet Gum Tree. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Sweet Gum Tree Facts,too. Read more as following:

A Sweetgum tree is a deciduous tree that ranges from medium to large in size. They are distinguished by their brown, spiked fruits and five-pointed, star shaped leaves.

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What does the base of a sweet gum tree leaf look like?

If you mean the leaves that grow from the stump of a felled Eucalyptus they will be completely different from the adult foliage in the first year of regrowth it will be juvenile foliage like you buy in florists shops thats how they grow it…. More »

How Do You Sterilize Sweet Gum Trees?

Many foresters agree to the fact that sterilizing gum trees is not easy. The consistency of the gum trees is affected. There is also no known chemical which helps in sterilizing a tree. Though, many expensive chemicals are used for this process. The… More »

What is a sweet gum tree?

Sweet gum grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. In a natural scenario, the tree thrives in damp ground on slopes and valleys, or in mixed forests and along streams. Sweet gum is native from the southwestern counti… More »

What does a sweet gum tree look like?

it looks like a regullar tree only with like 1/4 percent willow and has these gum ball seeds… More »

How to locate the sweet gum tree?

1. Plant the sweetgum tree in a location with rich, slightly acidic, well-draining soil. exposed to full to partial sun. Locate the tree at least 10 feet from sidewalks or paved driveways. 2. Dig a hole twice as wide as the tree’s root ball. Plant th… More »

How to split a sweet gum tree?

1. Slice the trunk and larger limbs into 16- to 24-inch-long pieces, depending upon the size of your firebox. 2. Start the splitter and let the motor run for a few minutes to warm up. Some splitters are powered by electricity and others by gas, but t… More »

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  1. Breanna says:

    There is this odd looking cocoon thing on my sweet gum tree. It isn’t the seed pods but the tree is covered with them. I tried to open one and it was very strong and felt like a stiff cloth.

  2. Cece Jack says:

    What New England tree looks like a golf ball with spikes on it and holes in it? It kinda looks like agiant diatom.

  3. Ameya says:

    I just moved into a house and inherited a sweet gum tree. I’m looking for a leaf vacuum that can pick up and mulch the balls that fall off the tree. Because of the landscaping raking is out of the question and picking them up by hand is time consuming. Anyone have any ideas???

  4. Calzrhe says:

    I have a 50 year old cherry tree with a crack in its trunk. It is usually wet appearing around the mid trunk near a “crack” area in its trunk. What can I do to fix this problem and what is wrong with this cherry tree? Does it have a borer?

  5. Damian says:

    include a picture of the tree that’s great, just so i know what im looking for.

  6. The Teacher says:


    I need to buy a bag of sweetgum seeds (Liquidambar styraciflua). Since I am not from US, but from Europe, I was wondering where would be a good place to look for them? I am interested in low-priced offers.

  7. Roland Pike Iii says:

    I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for common trees that have some kind of needle or seed that when it drops it either helps it regrow or starts a new tree. I am really looking for something that has to do with regrowth b/c I would like to use it to symbolize a realtionship. Thanks!

  8. Anthony says:

    i have acne and i want to get rid of them. It’s hard to talk to my friends when i’m always the only one who has them. It makes me feel embarrassing! And the acne makes me look bad in front of my crush. Help!

  9. Cj says:

    My Sweet Gum tree have very tiny leaves on it, is it ok? Never noticed this in the spring before. Is it just late putting out its leaves. I live in southern Michigan.


  10. Mark S says:

    I want to plant a few of these, but need to know how much area they take up. Knowing the largest trunk size will give me some idea of the allowance I need for where to grow them.

  11. Meow says:

    How do they make gum and flavor it?

  12. Resenagn5 says:

    A website or a book is fine, which includes herb properties, how best to use the herbs (in tea, aromatherapy etc) and maybe how best to look after them in a garden. Thank you in advance.

  13. Joe L says:

    It’s the one that looks like spikey balls. I’m just wondering because those things are all over the place where I live

  14. Emma - Lee says:

    I need to know for a science project of college! this is needed!

  15. Prettypinkskittle says:

    just bought a house and thought of putting a pond around the tree (gum tree) bad idea or not

  16. Richard De Almeida says:

    thank you

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