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Who Invented the Car Wash

You may have similar questions as When Was The Washing Machine Invented and Who Invented The Washing Machine,or you may also seek several useful information about Who Invented Automatic Car Wash. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Car Wash Equipment,too. Read more as following:

The first automatic car wash was invented in 1946 by two men in Detroit, Michigan. For some reason or another, their names were never published and credit was simply given to "Detroit" for developing the first car wash.

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When was the Washing Machine Invented?

The first washing machine was patented in 1846 in the United States. It was a crude invention that imitated hand washing by rubbing clothes on a board. However, since then the washing machine has come a long way and is easily accessible to most peopl… More »

Who invented the washing machines?

Answer The earliest Washing machine "the Scrub board" was invented in 1797 and the american James King patented the first washing machine to use a drum in 1851. In 1858 Hamilton Smith patented the first rotary washing machine and on the 9th August 19… More »

Who invented automatic car wash?

Richard spikes…. More »

Who Invented the First Washing Machine?

Back in the day, people used to have to hand wash their clothes by pounding them on rocks in the streams. Lucky for all of us, James King invented the first washing machine with a drum in 1851. It, of course, was still more work then we know today as… More »

How to Open a Car Wash?

To open a car wash, you need to first find a location. Next write up a business plan to present to the bank if you need a loan. Next purchase your equipment, then advertise. … More »

How to wash a car?

Video Transcript. Hello my name is Jose Zuniga I’m here to represent I’m going to guide you step by step on how to wash the exterior of your car. Well of course you need water and soap. You know remembering the soap be very very ca… More »

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  1. Maddieboo says:

    i want to know how were did people wash their cars before it was automated (car wash)??

    How is the task accomplished with automation?

  2. Mr.teamonmyback says:

    i would think Japan because they invent the best Cars, like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and they invent the most cameras and Tvs like Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Yamaha, Panasonic. Also they invented the car wash and CDs.
    What do you think?
    And its Absolutely not America

  3. Constanlene says:

    I would like to see a food hydra tor, or
    a shower that washes you like a car wash including the blow dry

  4. Imagine says:

    I hate washing my car, only to have some bird poop on it just moments later. I always keep a bottle of instant detailer and window cleaner in my trunk, along with some paper towels and cloth rags.

  5. Kelsey says:

    I mean I didnt invent the motor car, fertilizers, toxic waste or gasses. It was all done under the instruction of various world leaders who didnt think out the consequences, so can I sue them for messing up the air I breathe and water I wash in? How can I go about fighting my cause?

  6. Marie says:

    Also what things do you think will not ever be possible to be invented and why?

  7. Saffa says:

    (and where was it?)

  8. Samantha Taylor Schwartz says:

    I mean, you hardly see bird poop on the ground, and you always see it on cars. What DID they poop on before cars were invented?

  9. Valentina Kiki says:

    who invented the first car wash

  10. Kristen says:

    I need to use something invented that can be used as something other then what it was invented for.

    Like a microwave can be a time machine.

    I need crazy and creative ideas.

    Maybe like a piece of rug can be a flying carpet!


  11. Hayy-leyy says:

    Not the year, but how old she was. Thanks! (:

  12. Smirdy_smird says:

    Within the past many earth shattering inventions were made (i.e. internet, telephone, cars,etc.) now days every invention seems to be a spin off or an improvement to another previous invention. How do you explain this? Is it natural or Unnatural?

  13. Tynan says:

    I was kind of surprised to find out Mobil was using them in AT LEAST 1974…

  14. Charlotte says:


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