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How do You Pop a Women Cherry

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When you pop a woman's cherry you are taking away her virginity. To take away a persons virginity you need to have sexual intercourse with them. The girl may bleed if the hymen tears which is how it got that name.

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What are Signs of a Popped Cherry?

‘Popped cherry’ is slang for when a female’s hymen breaks due to sexual activity. The main, outwardly visual sign is bleeding from the vagina and there may be some pain involved…. More »

How to Pop Your Cherry

The hymen in young girls has usually already broke by accident, but if you want to make sure of it, there are some ways to tell. Stretch very well and do some complex yoga moves. These intense stretches will usually pop a cherry. Most girls think the… More »

What is Popping Your Cherry?

Popping your cherry is a meta fore for loosing your virginity. This saying has been around for the longest time. Who came up with this saying? Your guess is as good as mine…. More »

How to pop your cherry by yourself?

The term pop your cherry is a reference to taking ones virginity. And you cannot take your own virginity. You can masturbate with a sex toy, which can break your hymen, but you will still technically be a virgin…. More »

What does it mean to "pop the cherry"

Pop Cherry: To break, perforate, or puncture a female human’s hymen… …MORE…… More »

How to pop your own cherry?

The term "pop your cherry" is a reference about taking ones virginity. While you can break your own hymen, either on accident through activities such as gymnastics or on purpose though masturbation, you will still technically be a virgin…. More »

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  1. Gokusanyy says:

    Im 19 years old and I just popped my cherry and my boyfriend decided to try out anal. He put it in, but about 2 mins in I just pooped all over his dick. I had no control over my shit. How do people hold their poop inside while taking anal? Do you have to poop before hand?

  2. Ari Picton says:

    Hey Peeps,ok somebody asked me did u pop her cherry yet.What does that mean?do girls have cherry’s or something?I dont get it.How would u pop her cherry?Please answer.

  3. Angelica Valdez says:

    What does that mean?!? How do you pop a cherry? Does it hurt? Please tell me everything you know about it!!! Where is it located??

  4. Best Advice says:

    I know Im a little young, im 10 but what does it mean to pop your cherry!! Im curious. And dont say im not ten because i am!

  5. Zoe says:

    You heard of “pop that cherry” right? What is the medical term of the cherry that actually gets popped???

  6. Mckenna says:

    Me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time, mr being a virgin. But were not a sure if he popped it, I felt pain for a while after but I’m not sure if it was because it was popped or my first time. Thanks for the help.

  7. Joeniel says:

    It was horrible for me, and i’ve heard of other women really suffering, yet others never experienced any pain. Why is that? Does doing it later in life hurt less then when you’re younger, say a teenager?

  8. Frank says:

    I am a 25 year old female, generally healthy, I used to tan a lot but have gotten away from that, now all of a sudden I have cherry angiomas all over my body. I looked it up online and they are noncancerous but why all at once? Anyone with information would greatly appreciated!

  9. Dmanno says:

    I’ve heard it has to do with a woman’s vagina and her virginity.But just how can men pop a girl’s cherry?

  10. Shiz_gizn_gar says:

    Is it possible to pop your own cherry? Without the use of any ‘toys’?

  11. Madam Iza says:

    I have friends that heard about “popping your cherry”. People say that when this happens, you bleed and it’s your first time having sex. Does this happen to everyone?

  12. Vick says:

    And why is intercourse referred to as popping a woman’s cherry? Do cherries even pop? I thought they had a pit inside to prevent that from happening…

  13. Lelybell. says:

    Uqhh I really don’t understand why mine has never been popped . I don’t do sports .

  14. Virendra says:

    Can using a tampon pop your cherry? & about how far up in your vagina is it?

  15. Max says:

    do u pop her the first time yall have sex? or can it take a few times. and where is her cherry at? is it deep inside or is it at the opening?

  16. Becky says:

    Plus, when the penis is put in, a lot of women feel pain for the first time. I am just a little confused. Plus, isn’t the clitoris the main source of sexual pleasure? If I am wrong, can you please correct me???

  17. Helena says:

    I fingered her and I was able to get my middle finger in far enough to go in and out.
    She said that’s the most a guy has done to her, and I hate when she lies.
    I can’t tell if it was popped or not, please help.

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