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How do You Pierce Your Tongue

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When your tongue is pierced, it is placed in a small clamp to hold it steady. The rest is pretty simple. A piercing needle is used to create the hole, then the barbell is put into place.

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How do you pierce your tongue yourself?

It is strongly advised that you do not pierce your tongue yourself and have it…… More »

How to Pierce Your Tongue?

Wow, this is not something I would do to myself! With the veins and nerves that run through the tongue, you could do permanent damage. But, if you feel brave and confident, make sure you have enough knowledge to do it safely. //’,'_blank’)” > More »

How to pierce your own tongue?

Go to a professional. Piercing yourself is never a good idea–you have to worry about infections and other nasty stuff. If something, such as age or parents, is preventing you from going to a professional, then wait…. More »

What part of the tongue do you pierce?

When having your tongue pierced, there are three things to consider with placement: that the piercing is placed in the center of the width of your tongue, that it sits a short distance behind the tip of your tongue, and that the piercing remain in fr… More »

How to Take Care of a Tongue Piercing

Taking care of a tongue piercing is very serious. You want to rinse with listerine after every meal. You want to avoid playing with the ring with your tongue because it could split your tongue…. More »

How do They Pierce Your Tongue?

Basically, they place a clamp on your tongue to hold it in place and then clip it. It gets over very quickly. After that they ask you to wash your mouth out one more time and then when 7-14 days have passed and the swelling goes down, they have you c… More »

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  1. Saffa says:

    Just wondering ya know sense all I see is girls with pierced tongues what would you think if I got one (being A guy and all) hot or not ? HAve some tattoos but no piercings yet but thinking about it ! Soooo ?

  2. Tlb2805 says:

    I would like to get my tongue and navel pierce because i can tolerate for few weeks of not eating food that can cause infection instead of tolerating that few weeks after i got each pierce. Are there any side effects of piercing tongue and navel on the same day?

  3. Maya Khan says:

    Last night i pierced my tongue web myself with a mini safety pin. That is still what’s in the piercing and was planning on buying a proper curved barbell today after school.
    Would it be okay to right away change it? Or do i have to wait?

  4. Kitty Evans says:

    i wanted to pierce my tongue the other day, but my piercer said my tongue was too short. what are the consequences of piercing a tongue that is too short? will it damage the tongue?

  5. Jepic says:

    I would like to get my tongue pirced, but I want to become a professional singer. I just wonder if it will hurt that dream? I know that the lead singer of Breaking Benjamin has his pierced. Also, can you tell me of some other singers with pierced tongues?

  6. Jelly says:

    When going to a professional piercing place, what size/gauge needle do they normally pierce your tongue with?

  7. Amanda Huang says:

    I want to pierce my tongue web on my own, but I don’t want it to get infected or anything. So I was wondering how I shoul pierce it and what kind of bar I should put in it. (:

  8. Arch Angel says:

    I’ve had mine since early 2000 but was wondering what girls think of guys with a pierced tongue?

  9. K K says:

    i only want answers from people who actually have had a tongue ring or currently have one.information from doctors or people who pierce tongues(professionally) is also welcomed.thank you

  10. David S The Best says:

    Well, my friend was just about to pierce her tongue a needle. I told her to “Hault!”. So, is it safe to do this? I head you could but I want to know if it’s SAFE. I don’t want my friends toungue to have to be cut off due to infection lmao.

  11. Larissa says:

    I’m 13, almost 14. I already have my lip pierced, but now I really want a venom piercing (tongue pierced twice) My parents won’t let me get it and say I should wait till I’m older. How can I convince them to let me get the piercing?

  12. Harsheeta says:

    I’m 17 but i know professionals that will pierce my tongue without me being 18. and i really want to get it done. i figured if i get a tongue retainer after it heals thats no problem. but the first few days if it swells i can just keep my mouth shut. i dont talk that much anyway.

  13. Kratos says:

    im just curious, im not going to do it myself.
    Where do you pierce your tongue so you dont hit a vein?
    Like on the underside theres a lot of veins and in the very middle there’s that tendon or something. do you pierce right next to it or through the tendon?

  14. Rashanna says:

    I’m 14 years old and my mom is strict and won’t let me do anything. I’m to young to go get my tongue pierced myself and my sister is to lazy to bring me. My mom is very hard to convince. Is there any way to easily convince her to let me pierce my tongue?

  15. Melanthe Espia says:

    I;ve had my tongue pierced for three weeks now and I wonder what guage size needle and barbell do piercers use to pierce the tongue?

  16. Anonymous says:

    thank you

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