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How Long does It Take for a Toenail to Grow Back

You may have such questions as What Do I Do about a Toenail Coming off and How Can I Make My Toenails Grow Faster,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Help A Toenail Grow Back Quickly. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Losing a Toenail,too. Read more as following:

The amount of time that it normally takes for a toenail to grow back is about six to nine months. This is as long as there is no apparent permanent damage to the area.

What do you do if your toenail is coming off?

Get toenail clippers and cut off the part that is coming off.... More »

How can i make my toenail grow faster?

Not Medical Advice: It usually takes 4-6 months for a new fingernail, and 12 months for a new toenail. There is nothing to really speed up the process!... More »

How to help a toenail grow back quickly?

1. Get a large bowl and fill it with warm water to put your feet in. Be sure the water is comfortable, not hot. 2. Add a green tea bag. 3. Place the bowl on the floor in front of a comfortable chair within reach of your feet. 4. Sit in the chair and... More »

What happens when your toenail falls off?

The new nail may be misshapen for a while, but eventually it becomes normal again. Thanks ...... More »

How Fast do Toenails Grow?

I wished my fingernails would grow & be as hard as my toenails! Toenails grow faster than fingernails. Toenails only grows 1mm a month while your fingernails grow around 3mm a month.... More »

How to make my toenail grow back without fungus?

1. Cut your toenails properly. They should be cut straight across at the point where the sides are out past the skin slightly. This prevents ingrown toenails, which can be a battle all by itself. 2. Wash your feet using hot water and soap. Use a nail... More »


  1. Violator Reply:

    I was playing with my mini hoop and I dunked the ball. But my toe crashed into the wall and half of the toenail fell off. I took a shower and that made it a little better because it was hurting hard earlier.

  2. Amber Muncy Reply:

    Over the last three months I have let my toenails grow. I also started polishing them with OPI Bubble Bath and Creative Super Glossy topcoat. My friends say my feet look girlie but I am wondering, how long it too long for a guy?

  3. Daniela Reply:

    a bit random, but how long will it take for my toenail to grow back??

  4. Bridget Reply:

    I decided growing my toenails long and longer. I will never cut them before they break.
    Recently my big nails are 30 mm long.

  5. Gibbon82 Reply:

    My boyfriend didn’t cut his dog’s toenails very often and the vein grew in far. Even if I cut it as short as I can without hitting the vein, they are still long. How do you reverse this? Is there a way? Or is this poor little dog doomed to have excessively long toenails for the rest of her life?

  6. Millie Reply:

    Well, I have never gotten a Manicure or Pedicure before and I want to get one soon so I was wondering if you need to have long toenails to get a Pedicure? How about with a Manicure?

  7. Shelby Reply:

    I’ve been soaking my feet in hot water with Epsom salt daily. Takes a long time for toenails to grow so I’ve got another month to two months left of them growing in reverse basically to be fixed.
    Is there nothing else I could do to speed the process up?

  8. Sarah Reply:

    I bite my nails on a regular occasion and I want to know how long it will take them to grow back? (Finger nails) as I’m trying to stop this bad habit.
    I also tore my toenail this morning, Only the tip of it, How long do toenails take to grow back?

  9. Stu Reply:

    I know it takes three weeks for a fingernail to grow half a centimeter.
    But how long does it take for toenails to grow? Is it the same speed for fingernails, toenails and big toenails?

  10. Melissa Reply:

    Ok well… I bruised my toe completely in early July when I dropped a ski on it and 2 or 3 weeks ago it completely wore out and I removed it completely (ew…) so yeah. How long does it take for a toenail to grow back?

  11. Brooklyn Reply:

    a couple months ago, I stubbed my big toenail, apparently bad because the toenail started to fall off. How long until my big toenail grows back? Summers coming like love to wear flip flops, any suggestions of how to disguise it?

  12. Cli Reply:

    How long does it take for someone’s toenail to grow out usually?

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