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How to Change Tanning Bed Bulbs

You may have similar questions as How To Change Tanning Bed Bulbs and How To Change Wolff Tanningbed Bulbs,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Change The Bulbs In Sunquest Pro 26 Tanning Bed. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Cheap Tanning Bed Bulbs,too. Read more as following:

All you need to do to replace the bulbs in the bed are to remove the acrylic encasement from top and bottom, replace bulb, check starter, then replace the encasement.

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How to change tanning bed bulbs?

1. Clean your tanning bed and make sure you get all the dust off before you take it apart. 2. Remove the acrylic and place it in an area that it cannot get scratched or broken. 3. Take out the old bulbs and replace them with the new ones. 4. Check to… More »

How to change wolff tanning-bed bulbs?

1. Note the model number on your Wolff tanning bed. You will need this to find out exactly which bulbs you’ll need. They come in various model numbers and strengths, ranging from 80 watts to 160 watts. 2. Shop for the correct model of replacement bul… More »

How to change the bulbs in sunquest pro 26 tanning bed?

1. Open the canopy of the SunQuest Pro 26 tanning bed. 2. Grasp the middle edge of the profile that runs along the outside edge of the tanning bed canopy, securing the acrylic shield. Pry it upward. The profile will swing open, releasing the upper ac… More »

How to clean tanning bed bulbs?

1. Take the tanning acrylics off your tanning bed. The acrylics are the thick, clear sheets of plastic that you lie on when you tan. The tops of the acrylics are usually cleaned after every tanning session. You may have to unscrew these sheets at the… More »

How to troubleshoot tanning bed bulbs?

1. Unplug the unit from the electrical outlet. Do not touch the tanning bed bulbs while the bed is still plugged in. If some of the bulbs were working, wait until they cool before you handle them. 2. Tighten each bulb individually. Plug the unit back… More »

How to replace tanning bed bulbs?

1. Note the make, model and year of your tanning bed before purchasing bulbs (aka lamps). Also jot down the size and wattage of bulbs used by your unit. The main sizes of tanning bulbs are F71, F72 and F73. 2. Research local stores that sell tanning… More »

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  1. Cierra says:

    My aunt gave me a tanning bed and I have no idea how long the bulbs have been in it so I bought replacements. Now I need to know how to go about changing them.HELP!!!

  2. Lacey A says:

    In high intensity tanning beds the bulbs that are used are fluorescent and these bulbs use mercury and argon gases. Being they are high temp lights do they emit these gases in surroundings when they are on?

  3. Hacly says:

    How do I find out why two bulbs in my tanning bed don’t work? Changing the bulbs does not help. They just don’t work at all.

  4. Sonni says:

    I used a tanning bed for the first time ever on Tuesday for 7 minutes. I went for 7 minutes again on Thursday. I didn’t burn at all after either of those sessions. I am planning on going Saturday or Sunday for my 3rd session. Should I go for 7 minutes again or higher? How many more minutes?

  5. Samantha W says:

    I am red head with fair skin and I recently purchased several stand up sessions at a local tanning salon. Which lotion would best for my fair skin that burns easily? And about how long should I remain in the tanning bed for my first session?

  6. Alanna Gabriel says:

    If the bulb is the same length as the fixture, will it work?

  7. Zion says:

    I’m affraid of the damaging effects of tanning bed specially in my face but I still like to tan, does anybody knows something about it??.
    The regular lotions for tanning beds does not protect you from the UV rays right??

  8. Chloe A says:

    If someone put a tanning bulb in place of their regular light bulb would it tan you? If so is it bad for you?

    I think its untrue but my friend says thats how he stays tan.

  9. Abood says:

    If you change your own bulbs can you set the meter back to zero, or does a technician have to come change that?

  10. Boy Named Sue says:

    I’ve been getting in the tanning bed for a while now and they just recently changed bulbs and ever since I’ve had this terrible itch that wont go away.. any help?

  11. James Baker says:

    i need help i have been tanning for a while but not much results. i bought lotions what else can i do?

  12. Karan says:

    i wanna go tanning tomorrow & its my first time, how long should i go in for & what spf should i use?
    its my decision to go in a tanning bed, so mind yur own buisness, thanks. & thank yu to the people actually careing to give me advice.

  13. Mr Low says:

    thank you

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